Similac Recall 2010: No guarantee for pricey brand

Last week was a huge deal for thousands of parents who feared for the health of their child. The reason behind this was due to the recent Similac baby formula recall from Abbott, which is seen as one of the most concerning recalls of 2010.

Stacey Bradford from CBS MoneyWatch has been following this story closely and has a valid point when she says that we do not always get a guarantee of quality when paying for a pricey brand – do you think that she has a point?

A huge percentage of parents always want to give their child the best, and having a big named brand like Abbott is one of them. However, we have to ask ourselves what are we really paying for?

Bradford explains that all formula sold is required to meet a certain standard, this applies to named and generic brands – so what are we really paying for Stacey asks?

The answer she thinks is simple, marketing and advertising. Do you think that it is time to start looking at generic brands instead of the over priced named ones?

For those worried if their Similac formula is affected by this recall, then Alan Ng has more information for you on the lot numbers.



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