New Kia Sportage 2011: Sharp-Looking Interior and Exterior

We recently spoke about how far Kia has come with their vehicle designs, which you can clearly see with the 2011 Optima. The next vehicle that will turn heads from the Korean motor company is the 2011 Sportage EX, you can clearly see from these images on Car and Driver that the car could be mistaken for a German design – well that’s what David Undercoffler from LA Times believes.

Undercoffler confirms on what we pointed out in our earlier post about Kia updating their entire lineup to something much more stylish and head turning. Would you agree with Undercoffler that both the interior and exterior is sharp looking?

Most of the new styling is thanks to one man, Peter Schreyer, the designer who came from Audi back in 2006. This is where all that German design comes from then. Looking at some of the lines, you would be forgiven for thinking that you are looking at parts of an Audi body panel, something that Kia will be very happy with.

David does make me laugh when he thinks that you will have to repeat yourself many times by saying to passengers “Yes, this is a Kia.” The 2011 Optima like the Sportage should start at $20,000 – so is certainly within most budgets. We can certainly see these new range of Kia vehicles eating into the Toyota and Honda market.



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