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New Apple MacBook Air 2010 Update Rumors on Production

The current version of the MacBook Air is now a year old, so it is now time for it to receive a much-needed refresh. We had assumed that Apple was going to make an announcement about this during their recent event on September 1, 2010, but this did not happen.

October is fast approaching and more rumors have now surfaced on the thin MacBook, and one of those is that production is about to start. We do not know how much truth there is in this report from AppleInsider, as it is much like the rumors that production is about to start on the Verizon iPhone.

According to sources in Tawain, we could see a newer 11.3-inch version of the MacBook Air in stores this fall. Could this latest rumor actually be true, and is there a market for a smaller version of the MacBook Pro?

I believe that there is a market for an 11.3-inch MacBook Air. We have now got used to the smaller size of the iPad, consumers and enterprise users now want a similar sized device that can do so much more – as the iPad has its limitations. What would you like to see upgraded on the new MacBook Air?



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