NBA 2K11 Rating‎s: Should JaVale McGee be unhappy?

With the upcoming launch of NBA 2K11, the ratings have just been released and left many people including players a little confused.

Sean Fagan of Bulletsforever is reporting that the JaVale McGee has only received an overall rating of 59. This makes him the third worst center in the league, only lagging behind Darko Milicic and Joel Anthony. It also makes him one of the worst starters in the game along with the likes of Josh McRoberts and Linas Kleiza.

When the games designers were creating the rankings it is unclear how they arrived at the decision process. There is some good news for the other Wizards who have jumped up a bit, but this could be due to McGee’s so called lack of skills. John Wall managed to get an overall rating of 81, only four points behind Derrick Rose.

Gilbert who hasn’t worked full time for three years still manages to get some respect, and got a rating of 83. See the full list of ratings here. What do you think, should JaVale McGee be unhappy with his rating?



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