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Motorola Droid X Problems: Messaging Bug after Froyo Update – Patch Coming

We have some good news for Droid X users now, as Motorola has just confirmed that they are hard at work on a patch to fix up problems which have become apparent for users after updating to Android 2.2 Froyo.

As reported from Phandroid, one of these very problems is located in the messaging app, and specifically, outgoing and incoming messages. Users have complained that messages are not ordered correctly, and some texts are even remaining static when first appearing in the list.

Furthermore, it was only yesterday that we told you about audio problems on the handset, which judging by our feedback, a lot of you seemed to be experiencing. Hopefully this patch update by Motorola will solve these problems too, and also any other bugs that you may have spotted after updating to Froyo.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Have you spotted any new problems on your handset?


  • Bobo

    A list of Droid X 2.2 official update bugs (found so far)

    – Texts delete but threads don’t.
    – Texts out of order datewise
    – Missing option to turn off lock screen (was an option in 2.1)
    – Haptic feedback is too short in some cases
    – Sliding between home screens isn’t as smooth as 2.1. Seems to skip a little.
    – Contact names seem to be picked from linked profiles at random. Doesn’t keep the contact name that is provided by the user (a bug carried over from 2.1)
    – My Verizon app does not install from Market. Downloads .apk file to downloads folder of SD card but doesn’t actually install program to phone
    – Some apps don’t quit when killing them with Advanced Task Killer (an issue for ATK app developer but I thought I’d bring it up anyway)
    – Transition takes a little too much time to go from Programs back to Home
    – No comma on the same button as the period anymore on the keyboard (was there in 2.1)
    – Needs an option to set Google contacts as default when opening contacts (I don’t wanna have to see ALL of the contacts such as Facebook and Twitter)
    – Social Networking button on Contact quick tasks widget turns blurry when widget is in a horizontal size
    – When in camera the side menu didn’t want to show itself in some instances

    I’m sure there’s more but this is it for now. I know most Droid X users have noticed these same issues and are annoyed by them. Hopefully Motorola with fix all of these issues ASAP. This is an awesome phone but these bugs hold it back from being even more awesome.

  • Andrew

    I’ve actually experienced a decrease in fluidity and speed since the update. On top of the same.messaging issues, the lockscreen is extremely slow and choppy (far from an improvement to the previous lockscreen), as well as program freezing. When I tap on, for example, Dialer or Camera, the screen will go black briefly (less than a second) and the proceed back to the homescreen.


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