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iPad 2: Release Date Update – New 7-inch model a finished product?

We have an interesting article for you to read now, especially if you have been keeping a close eye on these 7-inch iPad rumors which have been creeping onto the internet lately. You’ll be surprised to hear that a Chinese website is claiming that the new model is already a ‘finished product’.

That is according to this report from Apple Insider, who have obtained their information from Chinese website Shanzai who claim that the 7-inch model, or iPad 2 as it is also known is well underway in terms of development, so far to say that it has been tagged as a finished product.

Furthermore, the Chinese website says that the smaller model will be similar to the iPhone 4 in design, rather than retaining the same look and feel as seen in the current 10-inch iPad.

Here is a portion from Shanzai’s article: “Yes there will be a (7-inch) tablet, yes it’s well underway in terms of product development and in fact it’s a finished product.”

What are your thoughts on this? Many consumers still consider the original iPad to be a new product on the market, so all this talk on a brand new model is surely too much to digest at the moment.

For current iPad owners – Are you regretting buying the 10-inch or not?



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