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HTC EVO 4G Update 3.29.651.5: Framerate barrier broken

Two days ago Alan Ng reported that the HTC EVO 4G update 3.29.651.5 was made available for download. He mentioned a couple of new features and fixes, and then asked if there was anything else new? Well we can answer that for him, as it seems that HTC and Sprint has done away with the 30 frames per second barrier.

What was once something that HTC said was impossible to do with just software, we find it strange how there is now no framerate cap. For proof Ross Miller has an image on Engadget that proves that the 30 frames per second barrier has indeed been broken.

A couple of our readers have verified this, one saying that they achieved 54fps, while another said that they were averaging 52fps. What framerate have you bee getting, let us know below?

Some readers on Engadget do not seem too bothered about the increase though; they seem more worried about the hardware issues of the EVO. One issue that has been bothering users is the battery life. Some have been saying that the battery drains down much quicker than other Android handsets, so how come one owner said that he dropped just 30 percent in 8 hours?



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