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Halo: Reach a Disappointment: Why it’s boring

It is no secret that most Xbox 360 fans would have been waiting for the release of Halo: Reach, the final game from the franchise from Bungie – so how come it is such a disappointment? Please do not shoot the messenger, Mitch Dyer from BITMOB believes that this title has to be the worst game of the year, so is he right in his assumption?

It seems like most fans, Dyer was looking forward to the release after reading the book, but what had all the makings of an exciting game, turned out to be something totally opposite. Mitch aims to explain why he was and still is disappointed with the game.

Things start off on a positive note saying that the game is not “terrible” as a whole, thanks to some help from an excellent online multiplayer mode. However, it is the co-op that lets the game down.

It seems that Dyer at times felt that the story was confusing, as more often than not someone would pop up on the screen with no idea who they were. That is not the worst of it, it seems that all of a sudden – these unknown characters would often just disappear halfway through the game. Having said that, Halo: reach has turned out to be one of the best games of 2010, so it cannot be all-bad. Read Dyer’s disappointment in its entirety on BITMOB.

Do you share in Mitch’s disappointment?



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