Halo: Reach a Disappointment: Why it’s boring

By Peter Chubb - Sep 25, 2010

It is no secret that most Xbox 360 fans would have been waiting for the release of Halo: Reach, the final game from the franchise from Bungie – so how come it is such a disappointment? Please do not shoot the messenger, Mitch Dyer from BITMOB believes that this title has to be the worst game of the year, so is he right in his assumption?

It seems like most fans, Dyer was looking forward to the release after reading the book, but what had all the makings of an exciting game, turned out to be something totally opposite. Mitch aims to explain why he was and still is disappointed with the game.

Things start off on a positive note saying that the game is not “terrible” as a whole, thanks to some help from an excellent online multiplayer mode. However, it is the co-op that lets the game down.

It seems that Dyer at times felt that the story was confusing, as more often than not someone would pop up on the screen with no idea who they were. That is not the worst of it, it seems that all of a sudden – these unknown characters would often just disappear halfway through the game. Having said that, Halo: reach has turned out to be one of the best games of 2010, so it cannot be all-bad. Read Dyer’s disappointment in its entirety on BITMOB.

Do you share in Mitch’s disappointment?

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  • Mfasciano

    Reach is a disappoint not because of the campaign or multiplayer…it sucks because of the available weapons and maps. In halo 2 the maps were excellent, now u can’t have a vehicle on team slayer, no only on big team slayer on only a few maps. Also the weapons are boring to use, no more spray and prey smg or semi auto br. Just slow rifles with a stupid bloom. Also they added perks and mede it so at least in my opinion, whoever takes the first shot wins. In halo 2 one of the best parts of the game unlike any other fps was that you can fight back.

  • Toystory1

    I completely disagree with peter chubb, the campaign doesnt matter, what ruined the game was the multiplayer.

    Halo 3 had this same problem as well, the reason it did so well was hype due to halo2 having a kick ass multiplayer engine. However, i knew that halo 3 would have the same crappy multiplayer style as halo3, thats why i didnt bother to buy such a product.

    Hopefully bungie can get their stuff together and move a step into the right direction by having multiplyer be more similar to halo2.

  • UK OK

    Ive been playing halo since the first one IE about 10 years – I'm only interested in the multi-player. i was level 41 genuine in halo 2 and level 42 in halo 3 general again genuine. Halo 2 was brilliant online. halo 3 was better for multi player but the physics of the banshee were a bit poor, aim off on the sniper disappeared reducing the skill required to use it. halo reach is crap online. the sniper is too easy to use, the physics of everything are all messed up – the warthog goes from 0- full speed in like 1 second and the momentums all wrong. there was nothing like jumping hills in a crazy warthog. now with stupid jetpacks and stuff the games completely ruined. gone are catch the flag and strategy types – no one ever votes for them in matchmaking – just noobs wanting to shoot constantly. thats no sport or strategy. lifespan is much shorter. theres no glitches or nooks and crannies to get into without dying in 10 seconds. going in a tank will last about 30 seconds before you die theres no superior weapons every things to balanced out to gain any tactical advantage. im hoping that bungee eventually revert back to the grass roots of the game and do what they are good at instead of trying to copy the unrealistic black ops and crisis 2. im really gutted halo reach is ruined by stupid additions to the game-play it was such a good game and now has so many variables – the game is ruined. gutted!

  • Mark

    Agreed! It was thin at best. It seemed like a random string of missions that, though action packed, offered nothing in the way of advancing the story. Only the last mission really tied Reach to the other Halo games. I was hoping to save the day. Maybe sacrifice myself to allow Master Chief to escape (thereby saving the galaxy indirectly), but NOOOO.

  • jeffR

    Aww… you die at the end, it's so sad!!! It made me cry!
    Bunch of sad idiot fanboys. It was pathetic and i felt nothing for the stupid story or characters.

    The game is a bloody pile of crap and the worst i have ever played. How can any one even defend this pile of horse manure. So frikken boring!

  • Ben

    To be honest I liked Eric Nylund's interpretation of the fall of Reach alot more, nevertheless I really enjoyed the campaign.

    I've played multiplayer quite a bit but I think it was a step in the wrong direction, it was a blatant attempt by Bungie to try and bring COD players to the game.

    The uniqueness of the multiplayer in the other Halo games was what I liked, it was different from the camping tactics in COD. Overall though it's a worthy addition to the Halo series. But it didn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling I got when I played Halo: Combat evolved on Christmas day, 2001. The memories… 😉

  • Noble

    Ok so when I read this at first I thought this was a joke and believe me Im still laughing. This is my first ever halo game to own, because I was a playstation 3 owner until it died on me. I'll just say this I haven't put the game down since its release. What I can't understand is that how you got confused about the campaign play it again and again obviously your lil mind can't understand a pretty simple story. A. the covenant land on reach B. the spartans fight the covenant 3. they save Cortana and halo 1 begins……….how hard is it to follow most of the game is just about getting information and doing recon while fighting the covenant its not that hard. And you say the co-op is what makes it suck………………..? are you retarded lol I meen its the best part of the game 4 friends going out on the campaign or in matchmaking is awsome especially if your good at the game co-op makes all games better but since you dont have any friends you wouldn't know anything about fun.

    But anyways, its not call of duty or bfbc, or any other other war game its a game of its own and, im not defending bungie im not a big fan of halo but i do really like the game. The reason why im laughing at this is because your points which make it a bad game are fucking stupid its like a 12 year old complaining, your arguments aren't even valid, the game won best game of 2010, so out of the 10 people who hate it, there's a million people who love it. And if it weren't for its daily rewards and endless leveling up in ranks id prop put it down but because this game is the only game that rewards if you play everyday I think I'll wait a bit longer and play a bit more besides call of duty games are all the same, and bfbc 2 but then again arent all shooter games these days the same? so stop complaing about being an idiot the game is worth the money.

  • Sully

    Honestly yes, i was waiting for this game for ages, i finally bought it and its a piece of shit. The graphics are terrible, it barely looks any better then halo 3 which came out in 2007, so many jaged edges and frame rate issues, but thats not why its bad. The gameplay is repetetive and boring, its just run, gun and spam grenade bullshit, i didnt want to compare it to Bad Company 2, but the gameplay is 100x better in bc2. I got a untouchable perfection in my first free for all and i still wasnt having any fun, all you have to do to win a match is hog the power weapons which i find really gay, i dont find it fun camping people with a sniper rifle or swording people that cant do anything about it. Honestly i fucking hate the call of duty series with a passion but im probably going to trade it in for black ops, it just sucks dick, gameplay wise it doesnt have anything over any other game, jet packs are cool but thats about it. I knew It wasnt going to have the best gameplay but I was hoping that with the co-op options, theater and forge modes would keep me entertained but when the gameplay is shit it doesnt matter, honestly i cant beleive how much i waited for this game.

  • the campaing is better than halo 3 and halo odst, but was no better than halo 1 and 2.
    but the campaing is a little part of a great game.

    P.D: MW2 is good, but the multiplayer sucks. is not balanced because a guy with higer level will have a huge weapon to kill you and you get bored of get killed and killed by the same badass guy

  • James

    I thought the gameplay was top notch, equal to Halo, Halo 3 and ODST. Loved playing it and thought the different elements and little touches making it a new experience were great.

    I do like certain games that are story driven to have a decent plot, direction, characters, music etc so the story is of interest to me as it moves the game along and gives it purpose. Otherwise I might as well be playing duck hunt.

    I have played through and watched the cut scenes a couple of times now and the story I find confusing. Not the general "covenant forces are on reach, oh shit" part, but from one section to another there seems to be no reason given as to why I'm going there, where I'm going exactly and what I'm meant to do when I get there. Certain characters disappear and reappear through different plot points and I often got confused as to who everyone was.

    Someone can probably tell me these things and say I'm stupid but it wasn't very clear and I listened out for any information like "we need to go here and this is what we need to do when we get there" but it never came.

    The original Halo was simple and you knew exactly where you were going and why you were going there. Maybe the more complicated story and voice acting that comes with sequels and trying to develop a plot has been their downfall in storyline terms as I just stopped caring after a while and shot whatever came near me and tried to enjoy the ride.

    I still have no idea about half the stuff that went on. Why was the dr behind a force field for example? If they mentioned it, I missed it on multiple occasions! I missed a lot of stuff it seems…..ok, I'm bored trying to work it out, I'll just shoot some more stuff.

  • matt

    didnt like the game at all. rented it b/c i didnt want to get a game in only playing for a day.
    SINGLE PLAYER- didnt read the book, dont care too. with that said it was a decent shooter campain. my opinion, MW 2 and KILLZONE 2 had better SP campains.
    CO-OP- didnt like at all. bored the hell out of me and helped me realize why i like the co-op in games like LEFT 4 DEAD and RESISTANCE 2.
    MULTIPLAYER- again, didnt like it at all. felt like i was going back 10 years in time. most modern games gave up on the "pick up weapons as you go" and "extremely high player health pool" concepts years ago. im a fan of picking my loadout and only taking a few shots to drop someone. i'll stick with BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2 for good multiplayer

    but this game wasent made for me, it was made for the longtime halo fans. and any BIG change they make from the norm would have thier fanbase up in arms. thats fine. thier fansbase is huge and it will sell alot of copies. but it wont impress alot of people who moved on to more "modern" games.

    • marhorn

      I believe Halo Reach is the most modern of these games. It has the most stimuli to react to any any game, the new armour abilities make the game so more tactical AND still making the game more fun! One shot does kill and there's more fun to be had when playing co-op, multiplayer with a friend online! All in all I always detect a bit of bitterness or jealousy when people (subjectively or non subjectively) slag Halo! Either that or you really just havent allowed yourself to get into it!

      • Haveuever

        I have tried to get into it while i wait for black ops or some other game but the only reason I played for about a week is the campaign and a little multiplayer until I played the same 4-5 maps and gametypes a hundred times. Ya people may complain about MW2 glitches whether they say that because they suck at it or not, but it was way more thought out than Reach. Jetpacks, invis, sprint (while your player breathes so loud and fast as if he having a heart attack), and etc. as compared to customizable perks and weapons. MW2 has way more weapons and perks (or armor abilities) and maps at that.Reach isn't modern gaming. Its basically halo 1-2 with polished graphics and a few armor abilities to cover up the similarity of past halo games and to give long time halo fans a boner. I'll admit, if i had never played mw2 then i probs would have been a reach fan but mw2 reinvented my multiplayer experience.

  • Gifferd

    Ok first Halo Reach is a great game. Anyone who denies that needs to get that stick out of their ass. Second how in the world can you get confused? The story seemed easy to follow. Maybe you're just too easily distracted by those thumping noises coming from your parent's room or shiny objects? I don't know.

  • marhorn


  • Loremipsum

    This article is the most idiotic effort ever to get attention- "gee what's the exact opposite of what everyone else thinks? That's my opinion on something popular right now"

  • Bob

    Halo Reach is a fantastic game. not sure what game the reviewer actually played. has he simply judged the game on co-op? what sort of reviewer or even gamer does that? the solo campaign is excellent, better than MW2's campaign (and yes i am a MW2 fan), firefight is a whole new game in itself, and as for online, well, it is total carnage and chaos, just the way i like it. Halo Reach for me and most of the gaming media agress, easily get 90% plus.

  • roler42

    gave it a try, i really tried to enjoy it, 20 minutes of opening and battle with no true explanation of things… i wanted to shoot something or engage in combat, no, all i got was a huge boring opening, so boring i got discouraged when i actually engaged in combat…

    if you guys like it, i respect that, sorry i talk smack against it… its just not my type of game

  • Someone

    What a fail reviewer.

  • Ben

    Dude… wtf are you talking about… “why it’s boring”? Are you stupid or retarded? “Don’t shoot the messenger”??? Well I have to say…when your message is completely false, you take form of the person who said it originally because you were dumb enough to repeat that garbage…like if I said “now don’t hold me responsible for what I’m about to say… but some no name douche bag said that Christianity sucks the big one..” that game was awesome.. and the twist at the end was well worth my excitement for a year.. bungie delivered an excellent game… you ma’am, are a waste of human skin..

    • THAT guy

      I think you're "stupid or retarded". Know what "don't shoot the messenger" means? If you want to jerk off to this game then go ahead but don't cum your views about Reach like that all over what somebody posted to get the opinions of others.

  • Geroge

    So the game is bad because you suck and can’t stop from rocketing your own team mates? Fail player does not make fail game.

  • John

    Think about this, I play a multiplayer game, I accidentally rocket my teammates and I get booted. That is equivalent to quitting. You got enough of quitting and you are temporarily banned from multiplayer matchmaking. How retarded is that? Why can't bungie program booting is not equal to quitting. I returned my Game back to best buy. CoD is the best online game anyways.

    • that guy

      cod is definately not the best online game as its full of glitches and people spawn camping . still the booting system in halo is wank. yeah whoever did the review at the top of the page needs to first by an xbox before commenting usless info

    • THAT guy

      CoD spawn killing is NOWHERE frickin close to halo spawn killing. I agree CoD way better multiplayer. Finally somebody who isn't so far up their ass with halo addiction.

  • Jack

    i still have to play the game

  • Devon

    Bungie even stated that the Reach story would not follow the book and if you think that the guy who wrote that book is a literary professional you probably think Stephanie Meyer is too. That being said I absolutely loved the story, and I have no idea what this dumbass reviewer is talking about when he says random people pop up and disapear without ever finding out who they were. He's just trying to get views by a bunch of angry people.

  • AllenC

    I enjoyed this game. I did not find it boring or disappointing in nay way. I agree that the online is far more fun and exciting than the main story but that is true for just about any game made. I was disappointed in Halo 3 and Halo:ODST so I did not go into this game with any high expectations. But I found it to be a very,very good story and game. I am no fanboy by any means I am quick to criticize a game when I find reasons too.

  • Captainsnoosnoo

    It's a shame really. How hard would it be to re-hire the person who wrote the novel, Fall of Reach, and tell him, write the script of our game. Is it really so hard to think of this. I am really thinking outside of the box so much with this idea?

    Look at the credits. Eric Nylund was in the production team.

  • Captainsuusnuu

    The author of this article is retarded. There have been far more articles claiming success with Halo: Reach than articles claiming it as a failure. It didn't follow the "Fall of Reach" storyline exactly, however – do any games follow books correctly? Hell, most movies don't. The author must not know much because I regonized most of the characters. Worst title of the year? Funny, because its one of the highest rated. Go suck a turd.

    • Majoryouarewrong

      Yes, Brittney Spears is one of the greatest musicians in the world! I mean, she has sold a lot of albums!

      Has it occurred to you that most reviewers are morons who see this game through nostalgia-tinted glasses? Halo has been the same game for, well, forever really.

      This makes me wonder if Bungie employees made a concerted effort to NOT play any other shooter outside their series all these years. If they had, they would realize how far behind they are.

      Same bland story, cast, "action" and soundtrack. If I have trouble sleeping, I'll just play Halo for a little while.

      • Majoryouareright

        haha well said

  • tomoxicillin

    Is this really what game reviews have come too?

    Seriously Playing a video game for the story is about the same as watching porn for the plot. If i wanted a story i would have rented a movie!! I can see story mattering to a rpg but to a shooter? whos main focus is gonna be on line play! come on!! its a fine shooter and people need to stop just looking for reasons to dog out games . games are ment to be played not watched! I personally hate all those dang cut seens and waiting 5 or even 10 mins before i can go and blast aliens i actually hate the games where i cant skip the story i just get up and go get a snack or something till theyget done yabbering. I paid 60 dollars to blast bad guys not watch cut seens just put there for fluff.

  • fas

    It's a Fantastic game, from start to finish.
    Multiplayer mode is the best ever seen in any game….

    And his comments that "He believes that this title has to be the worst game of the year" Has he actually even played it ? .

    There are to many people trying to be "The Rebel" and give big AAA titles low scores or negative reviews on the Net nowdays.
    Still i suppose it draws the fanboys to the those sites…..

    • jfkkfs

      The multiplayer mode in reach is the most repetitive multiplayer ive ever seen. it gets incredibly boring after a week or two. Yeah, the whole armor unlock stuff is pretty neat compared to other halo games but overall the multiplayer is a disappointment. Forge, firefight, and campaign is what makes this game halo.

  • Eric

    What the? The campaign/story is only maybe 25% of what the game has to offer. I'm no Halo franchise fanboy–I'm a professional, have a family, I volunteer, etc. and I turn 40 this year. I also happen to play video games whenever I can find the time. For me, the social gaming is far more important than playing through a story. Playing firefight with friends (25%), building maps in Forge (25% or more), and then playing multiplayer games on those maps and others (the last 25%) makes Reach, in my opinion, a terrific value. It's like four games in one. For about $13, that's a pretty decent campaign/story if you ask me. And in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't get much out of the co-op campaign mode and I agree that it wasn't anything special. I guess the rest of the game makes up for it.

  • Matt

    What makes this ironic is that Bungie specifically made comments about improving their storytelling for their last game. Unfortunately, Reach is no different that any other Halo release in its dull, uninspired plot and cast of nobodies.

    It's a shame really. How hard would it be to re-hire the person who wrote the novel, Fall of Reach, and tell him, write the script of our game. Is it really so hard to think of this. I am really thinking outside of the box so much with this idea? Hire professional authors and people with master's in english to write your scripts, not computer science sci-fi geeks to do it. Geeks program just fine, but they don't write good stories 95% of the time.

    Look no farther than Bioware to see a company with the right idea in mind. It's a shame all Bungie is capable of is making a slightly changed multi-player from their last game. That's all reach really is.

    • THAT guy


    • Conor

      I totally agree. i have hoped for a decent campaign since CE, but sadly not, the campaign story in reach is pretty tiring.

    • Jnr

      You say this but how do you know that the people who wrote the story didn’t have all that you are not in the studio with bungie and you don’t know if they might have begged the Author of Fall Of Reach to come help but he may have said no ever though of that? Well I doubt it…Until you actually are in there with them sitting there seeing who they talked to you can’t really say they did this or that cause you weren’t there with them.

    • Max

      I've been playing Halo since 2001. I've always been a fan of the series and I've even read the books because of it's interesting story. But Reach, just wasn't good enough in my opinion. I thought the campaign sucked. The gameplay was weak. Using an entire assault rifle clip to take out an elites shields on heroic? (The difficulty that the game is supposed to be played on) Your shields evaporate in seconds, and you get ass raped as soon as they're gone. For a super soldier, you don't feel very super.