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Halo 3 Servers Down: Are they for you?

We have just learned that the Halo 3 servers are down, so if you have any plans of playing an online match on Xbox Live – then forget it. According to Alexander Hinkley from Examiner, those who try to enter a lobby are met with an error message.

Upon reading the error, it is clear to see that it is a server issue; Hinkley believes that those who are long tome fans of the Halo series would have seen this message on a number of occasions. Maybe they could let us know how long the downtime usually lasts?

However, there seems to be a minor difference with this latest server issue, the playlist option has been locked up. There is no way to change this as there is a message saying ‘Not Available.’

Bungie has had a number of issues ever since they launched Halo: Reach, we knew that the game was going to be popularalthough some see it as a disappointment – so how come the developer was not ready?

Are you having trouble getting on the Halo 3 server?



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