Daylight Savings 2010: Update For BlackBerry Smartphones

By Gary Johnson - Sep 25, 2010

Now we have seen the end of summer, we now have to start thinking about the onset of winter and those long dark nights. Soon it will be that dreaded time of year, which we have to adjust the clocks for the winter.

Daylight saving time is when the clocks are temporarily advanced so the afternoons have more daylight, and the mornings have less. In the fall the clocks are adjusted back, and this was first done in 1895 after being suggested by George Vernon Hudson. Many countries still practice this today.

For people using BlackBerry devices this can be a problem as the device calendar could go out of sync, and this could mess up important dates for meetings and birthdays etc. To fix this owners should install the September 2010 DST update. This will ensure their device is displaying the correct time and date for the current location.

Was you affected by this update for BlackBerry devices?

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