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Apple iPad Target Release Date and Discount Offer

We reported yesterday that Apple was to increase distribution of the iPad, which we thought was due to the impending threat from rival tablets coming to the market. Well, we can now tell you that the iPad is set to get a sales boost, as Target has announced that it will stock the touchscreen device.

According to Ross Miller from Engadget, all six models will be stocked, with prices starting from $499.99. Target senior VP Mark Schindele, said that the iPad looks set to be the top device over the holiday season. We just hope that the range of tablet devices due to be released in the coming months will not affect his forecast.

For those with a Target Card, you will receive a 5 percent discount on the iPad. The device will be available in-store on October 3rd, but the offer will begin on October 17th.

Having the second largest discount retailer behind Walmart will certainly help boost iPad sales, but do not expect any Black Friday deals on Apple’s tablet device. Having said that, the price of the iPad has done nothing to deter consumers purchasing the device in the millions.

We mentioned above that the iPad will have some competition over the next few months, and with RIM holding a conference next week, we could add the rumored BlackPad to that list – BlackBerry’s own take on the tablet.


  • regulas

    Does this mean if I had one and when the battery needs replaced I can go to target and pay them the battery replacement fee and get a new one. This is what Apple does from what I hear. You can not replace the battery and they scrap the one you send in and send you a new one. Am I right?
    I will never buy one of these unless they change the battery to user replaceable. Companies do it on small cell phones, Apple could do it with this too.


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