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Xbox 360 Kinect: Potential of games, claims made before release

Microsoft will be releasing the Kinect in the coming months, but when the hardware is released how good will the games be that are available at launch?

Jay Malone of Playeraffinity is not very excited about the upcoming release, even though he admits to being an “Xbox Guy”. When he first heard about the device when it was called “Project Natal” instead of being blown away, he was just intrigued. He thinks the device does offer potential, but thinks this fades with every new title that is announced, and asks if the device has failed already?

Buried beneath some weak sounding launch titles such as Kinect Adventures and Joy Ride, is Dance Central. This game should be ideal for the Kinect as no controller is needed, and has an impressive soundtrack.

A title which gets some criticism is Fighters Uncaged, watching someone playing it flailing their arms about is said to look “atrocious”. Would you want to play like that for over twenty minutes?

What do you think? Do you agree with what was said about the Kinect, and will you be getting one?


  • martz

    "PS3 camp will stay where they are."

    Waldo you ar a fanboy…

  • Siad

    Well the PS3 Move has came out with Rubbish and all it has to offer is patches and Boltons for old titles such as the next version like Killzone 3, zzzzzzz. (Though you choose to mention "Echchrome" as though it's something no other console will ever experience? LOL )

    Most of the PS3 crowd buy exactly the same games as the "360 crowd" though the 360 has more RPGs etc

    I also bought Move and the games are POOR, I don't defend gametoys, if the games are POOR then they are POOR.

    Let's put things iinto perspective here PS3 has "NO" real NEW CORE games anounced BUT the 360 Kinect has recently has "FIVE" NEW CORE games –

    "Five new exclusive Kinect games coming from legendary Japanese creators"

    These are by some of the best companys in the world –

    Oh and Milo was a tech demo MS have always said ……….

  • Waldo

    Aside launch titles, I don’t think Kinect will ‘Connect’ with most of the 360 crowd. Lets face it, most 360 gamers play Halo, GOW or COD.

    Kinect won’t work with either of these, unless there’s some integration via a controller.

    I bought a Move starter kit for my PS3 and the demo disc doesn’t have a list of AAA titles, but there are some impressive glimmers of what’s to come. I also bought Tumble for 8 quid today. I like it. Very subtle and fun. Echchrome is next!

    If Microsoft doesn’t come out of the gates with some quality goods, the halo and gears fanboys won’t come running, and the Wii crowd won’t really be interested, and the PS3 camp will stay where they are.

    Milo appears to be moth-balled. To be honest, I think they’ve a bigger problem with the pricing. I can hear people saying, yeah but look at what you’re going to get!! Yeah? What do you get? I’m not sure. Still we’ll wait and see.

  • qwew

    If you take a look at the article by Jay Malone you will see that he finishes the article where it should of started. I.E –

    "Note: I’ve yet to play the Kinect, this is all based purely off of videos I’ve seen and things I’ve read."

    He has NEVER even played Kinect ?,


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