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Windows Phone 7: Tethering Confirmed – Will you Buy now?

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up a Windows Phone 7 handset at launch, as it has been confirmed that tethering support will be enabled on all devices, but whether it gets activated is another matter.

As reported from Engadget, Windows Phone 7 devices will follow the Google Nexus One in allowing tethering support, a feature which is always welcomed by phone owners.

However, the report states that it will be up to the carrier to decide whether or not the service will be available to use freely. In this case, it will be up to AT&T and T-Mobile USA to make the call, since we know Sprint and Verizon will not be releasing any devices until 2011.

Knowing that tethering is built into the phone, does this make your decision to purchase a little easier? Of course there is going to be an outrage if both AT&T and T-Mobile disable it. You’ll probably end up seeing tethering features available for a separate fee, which has become the standard as of late.

Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Neil

    I pay around $10 extra with my phone provider for around 2.4 gig of data…. more than ample for my needs, in fact I only use around 400mb per month…. Some plans your data is included free…. It is just up to your phone provider to entice you with good deals… Tethering allows me to connect my laptop to my phone to use as a wireless modem…. Works very well and I will be looking forward to WP7 now that it supports this essential tool.

  • Paul

    t-mobile UK already charge for tethering via your mobile phone

  • DKC

    what is tethering?

    • John

      Connecting another device (often a laptop) to the internet through your phone using your phones data connection. Connection (the tether) is by a cable or bluetooth or more recently by running software on the phone that makes it into an (wi-fi) access point allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously.

  • Allan

    One important piece of information you failed to supply. The cost!!!

    • John

      What an obnoxious comment. The writer says "You’ll probably end up seeing tethering features available for a separate fee". There's a clue here, the word 'probably' indicates that he doesn't know.

  • Neil

    Yes, that is all I was waiting for. I am now sold! Optus here in Australia offer the tethering service and it works well for me!


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