Verizon iPhone 4 Production To Start: Shipment Predictions

By Peter Chubb - Sep 24, 2010

As 2011 fast approaches, so do more rumors of the Verizon iPhone. Just this morning Alan Ng reported that Big Red’s CEO said that they are ready for a 4G version of the iPhone if Apple gives them the ok. We now hear that production is set to start in November for a CDMA version of Apple’s smartphone.

We still cannot confirm if the Verizon iPhone even exists, but according to DigiTimes, Pegatron expects to ship 3-4 million in just the first three months. They also believe that more than 10 million will be shipped by the middle of 2011.

AppleInsider reports that these latest rumors concur with recent rumors that Pegatron would be the manufacture to build the Verizon iPhone. There is still no confirmed date when these handset will start shipping – well it would help if Apple and Verizon would announce that the thing actually exists.

We recently reported that if a Verizon iPhone were to be released, than at least 23 percent of AT&T users would defect to Big Red. That’s a huge loss, one that AT&T said would not bother them, do you believe them?

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  • guest

    I would pay double for a verizon iPhone! I will throw away my DROID and jump over to AT&T if Verizon does not get the iPhone! Android O/S is just terrible! Glitchy! Lags! buggy! restart issues! Nothing fixes it! I can't wait to smash this P.O.S. !!!