Stuxnet Worm: “Iran is completely pwned”

Over the past few months fears have grown over the Stuxnet worm, and this has become even more of an issue over the past few days over reports that Iran’s Bushehr reactor has already come under attack by this virus. One expert from Sunbelt Software said, “It looks like Iran is completely pwned.”

This is certainly worrying, as an attack like this needs to be well-funded, and according to an article on PCMag, this looks to be the work of a nation-state; that’s what Ralph Langner from SCADA believes.

According to Symantec, Iran has come under attack from the Stuxnet worm much more than any other country, this could be because the Iranian nuclear plant uses older systems, which the worm finds much easier to hack into.

There are these fears that certain nations are to blame for the attack, this is something that we will not speculate on – we will let you draw your own conclusions.



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