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Sony PSP2 Phone: Release back on – Sony Hiring Android Devs

We have some exciting news for those of you interested in picking up the next-generation PSP, as Sony has let slip some details about the company looking to hire developers with experience in the mobile Android department.

According to this report from Joystiq, the new job listing has come specifically from Sony’s Playstation department, and the listing, which some parts have now been deleted can be seen in it’s original form below:

”Highly Desirable: Experience in mobile development, specifically Android is a plus.
Knowledge/Experience of online gaming”

Considering that the Android part of that listing has now been removed, is that an indication that Sony didn’t want anyone to see this?

We all know a PSP 2 is coming sooner or later, but will the device combine Sony Ericsson phone features along with Playstation gaming facilities? You would like to think so wouldnt you?

Personally, I think a PSP phone is coming. I mean, what else can these details mean? It has come directly from the Playstation department and specifically asks for someone with Android experience.

Stay tuned for further updates.


  • Big

    they need to add a better internet browser, games, apps, and yes phone support

  • araidrico

    i want a mgs edition or resident evil

  • araidrico



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