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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Official Demo Video before Release

Are you still undecided on whether to pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab device at launch? If you are, this latest video from Samsung may do enough to tempt you into a purchase. They are calling it their ‘official live demo’.

As reported from Engadget, the video gives you a taster of the Tab’s main features, all of which are crammed into a stylish 9 minute video clip.

If the music doesn’t annoy you after a minute, you’ll see Samsung give a demo of the email client features on the Galaxy Tab, which seem to provide a simple, but very useful experience in either portrait or landscape mode.

We also get a look at the video conferencing feature on the tab, e-reader capabilities, Google Maps and the Samsung Music Hub.

For those of you who have already made a decision on the Galaxy Tab, this video is a nice little preview of things to come, but if you were previously not interested in the device – you need to watch this video.

Are you buying the Galaxy Tab or not?


  • Ken Brough

    Wow! That looks great and the lighter weight is key to it's success.

  • WiLL

    Looks like they took my Droid X and stretched it 5 more inches and that is not a bad thing. I hope the actual released product is as responsive as the video demo indicates. On a side note maybe the Android market will be more robust then it is right now. I read about all the great apps but as an owner of both the android and ipod touch I can honestly say the apple market is more polished. Of course Apple had a head start. Either way I am seriously considering the Galaxy Tab.


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