Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate: Pre-orders Live – Price Info

By Jamie Pert - Sep 24, 2010

Today we have some good news for Canadians looking for a high-end Android-based smartphone, Rogers has recently started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S.

This smartphone has been popular in the U.S. and the UK, therefore it should be a popular offering in Canada, especially as Rogers are asking for just $149.99 as part of a three-year deal, regardless of what price plan you choose.

There are a few different price plans available, the cheapest will cost you $50 per month, this will give you 200 minutes and 500MB of data, for $60 per month you will get 300 minutes and 500MB of data and for $70 per month you get 500 minutes and 1GB of data. Once you choose your price plan you get one free feature, such as unlimited messages or double minutes.

There is one other option available to you, for $5 extra per month you can get an additional 500MB date per month and tethering support.

Currently Rogers are offering a free WEP570 Bluetooth headset if you pre-order the handset before October 20th, this is apparently worth £90.

If you would like to pre-order your Galaxy S from Rogers check out this link.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • craig

    people people …
    Having the front facing camera is useful especially since if you odnt have it and want to video call someone you can't . Think about it….that is a feature that has been around for ages ..if one product has it and the other doesnt, then really which product is the better package? After all you are buying technology. Wouldn't you want the product with the most features when there are two versions basically the same?

    ….whats with all these stupid posts people like to make .

  • Bell_User

    The Galaxy S – Vibrant, by Bell Mobility Canada which has been on store shelved at Bell Canada wireless shops for over 3 months now is a superior version of the Galaxy S to the version Rogers has announced, delayed, then delayed again, and delayed, then re-announced, and delayed… I "used to be" a rogers customer but their inability to bring this phone to market in a timely manner lost me to Bell Mobility. I love my Bell Mobility Galaxy S Vibrant!!! Get yours at a Bell store near you TODAY!!

    • eaffs

      It is the SAME version, not more or less superior in anyway, idiot.
      Nice one, Bell.

      • brazill

        actually its not the same version, the vibrant contains the front facing camera which allows the "face time" calling. The Captivate doesnt.

        • bob

          omg not a front facing camera… who gives a fuck.

        • tamosius

          I do