PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 Problems: Sony you’ve messed up

By Alan Ng - Sep 24, 2010

It looks as if Sony didn’t inform everyone about the biggest feature in the PS3 3.50 Firmware Update. While it adds support for 3D Blu-Ray movies, it also disables some third-party controllers for the systems, including legit ones.

If you have been keeping up with all the latest happenings in the PS3 jailbreak scene, you’ll know that it was getting out of hand with all of the new jailbreaking tools which seemed to be releasing every week or so.

Thankfully, Sony has disabled them with 3.50, but that’s not the only thing they’ve disabled. According to Sony’s consumer alerts page, they have all ‘counterfeit Playstation 3 wireless controllers’ – which is fair enough if there are fakes on the market.

“Counterfeit PlayStation3 Wireless Controllers, which are practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation3 Wireless Controllers, have been discovered in the market. SCEA advises consumers to be cautious when buying PlayStation3 Wireless Controllers from uncertain sources as the quality, reliability and safety of counterfeit products is uncertain, and in some cases, may be dangerous.”

But what about controllers you bought from Madcatz or Gamestop? We’ve had reports that pads have stopped working since the 3.50 update went live, which is clearly not good enough.

Get rid of the hackers if you have to Sony, but don’t disable legitimate PS3 pads that were bought for a cheaper price than your $45-50 Dual Shock 3. Hopefully another patch is released to fix this mess.

Has your third-party pad stopped working after the update?

Source: PS Lifestyle

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  • mike

    My netflix is all screwed up too , dunno if it has anything to do with them but wouldnt be surprised.

  • Ed Krane

    Both Original Controllers won't connect anymore right after update 3.50 !! only with usb…
    restart, reset contr. re-assign, etc.etc.. nothing helps.. Kids on their knees in front of a 42 inch… 60gb fat model. missing the blue light on the console..?

  • The Lord of Games

    I Told Sony off and im going to force them to fix every ISSUE, They will NOT DENIED ME, ^,^

  • Lee-burger

    i have 3 Official Sony DS3 controllers and since the update ALL have stopped working, the only thing still working is the blu-ray remote….. this is what i get for buying legit ???

  • ahmad

    will there be a jailbrake for 3.5

  • ps3is*ass

    sony sux………….ive been here sine day one…..never again bastardz

  • jaqbly

    Im glad i have read all these forums because i was thinking about updating to 3.50 but now i think i will keep my hacked 3.41. i was going to update because i want to go back online but i think that will be a mistake. i think i will just buy another ps3 and use that online with games that i will purches after i download them for my hacked ps3 to see if they are worth purchesing. i hacked mine because i got tired of getting duped with sony crappy online experience. for an example: i bought tekken for the online capabilities, well that game online sucks real bad. sony you are about to loose a lot of loyal customers because of people like me Haha.

  • rello

    hhhaaha im happy i sold my ps3

  • huh, looks like the netflix issue is common and what… non-repairable??

    freaking great

  • Doug

    disabled my access controller made by Ben Heck which I needed to play any games. Right now I am dead in the water and I just bought the PS3. Thanks Sony!. Please fix this issue.

    • Dodgy

      subsonic arcade stick no longer works either

  • I could not get into the store so I gave up.

  • johnG

    They fixed the psn, they told people (not enough people) that they will run maintenance that day and they gave store updates early, to make up for it.

    nah it was alright to have made the switch be a xbox fan a few years ago but…. nobody does that anymore, we can all see which way its going. unless xbox bring 4 somthing (which would be really the third xbox)
    get on the phone to them , i did years ago and they sorted it out after a week they called me back to tell me there was a update (network issue)

  • crazyGAMA

    holy shit, thank god i havent gotten the update yet then,they better do something about it soon or else im getting the xbox 360… sony i was ur biggest fan…now…. fak u fakin ass hole……bitch
    FALLOUT NEW VEGAS KICKS ASSS!!!! and im geting it tooo… on xbox 360 if sony doesnt fix the problem

  • Manuel

    Does any body had problems with Netflix Streaming disc? Mine does not work after this update… Any suggestions?


  • leebeckenkrager

    can not up data 3.50 on my ps3 stoping on 77% some one from sony fix it so we all can play on ha ps3's

    • simon brown

      i have the same problem, only mine stops at 27%. wankers need to sort it out

  • albaforce

    My FragFX V1 is not working after the 3.50 update! I am so tired at Sony right now!
    If they don't pay my 60£ back I will complaint to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

  • Jon

    Just ran the update and my netflix disk has stopped working. Anyone having same problem?

    • tilyon

      yes what the fxxxxk , and i can't go back

    • Wes

      My Netflix is not working also after the update

    • same thing here. afetr the update netflix disc don't even show up in the video menu. sony stinks on this one and I have had 1 PS1, 1 PS2, 2 PS3, 3 PSP. Guess Sony just pushed me over the edge with this.

  • Niko

    ive got no problems with the controller..but i cant sign in into playstation network WTF sony

  • Max Brennar

    Sony are a bunch of clowns. Seriously I'm sick of that company as they are out of touch with consumers, arrogant, incompetent, unreliable, meddling fools.

    Sadly for some they cant even get being greedy little pigs right – I read an investor report a few weeks back and their shareholders have lost around 75% of their value in the past decade! ouch!…lol

    As for me, I'll drive by and toss my "disabled" controller through the window of the Sony store in the Sydney CBD – it should be safe to do so as I have not seen many customers in there for ages.

  • Scarface3010

    I have no problems. All my controllers are from Sony.

  • Affected Stranger

    Damnit Sony! Get it Right!

    • alex

      sony u really dropped the ball on this,
      you disable other os, now disable usb,what next hackers find a way to run jailbreak on a sony dual shock pad, and you disable that too!!!
      better not have disabled my logitec g27, sf4 tournament fight stick
      i can see another massive class action law suit.

      • what exactly was the disabled usb cause i have an old 60gb which i upgraded to a 320 hdd and it has 4 usb's all of which i can use my mp3 on and memory stick to copy game data and pics to and from my ps3. Nothing stopped working on mine, cheapo bluetooth headset works and my crappy usb controller (not that i use it) but nothing seems to have changed on my ps3 so i was J/W