Nokia: Could run Windows Phone 7 on smartphones

By Gary Johnson - Sep 24, 2010

After the recent news that Nokia were delaying shipments of its new handset the N8, they are now rumored to be thinking about running Windows phone 7 on future smartphone devices.

Barry Collins of PCPro is reporting that according to reports, new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is considering the possibility of Nokia using Windows Phone 7 on future devices. He was brought in at the start of the month to improve the fortunes of the company’s smartphone business.

At the moment Nokia’s latest handsets are running the Symbian^3 operating system, and they have even looked at the Maemo Linux OS on top of the range handsets and tablets. They have also joined up with Intel to work on the open-source MeeGo operating system, but this has not made it on to any handsets yet.

Windows Phone 7 is due for release later this fall, and already has other handset companies supporting it such as HTC and LG. At the moment Nokia are finding it hard to compete with the iPhone and the Android devices.

Would you like to see Nokia using Windows Phone 7?

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  • Sarmad

    What a dumb article. Nokia repeatedly confirmed its OS strategy is Symbian and MeeGo. The last confirmation of this was AFTER Stephen Elop joined the company. Why do people think they know Nokia more than Nokia itself?

  • treu consequences

    You might try understanding why Samsung is investing in Bada and why Motorola just bought Aloqa before suggesting Nokia abandon its OS platform in order to commoditize itself out of business. Nokia was weak on both apps and UI, not operating system capabilities. Symbian^3 and Qt go a long toward rectifying these past shortfalls. Let's wait a couple of weeks for the introduction of the N8 and some professional reviews, before passing judgment.

    • Jack

      Talking about being weak on apps, I have just sold my N900 after just 4 months; I was so disappointed with the N900 that they have indirectly forced me to leave Nokia for iphone 4. I have better apps on my old N96 than on the N900. I get the feeling we have been treated as guinea pigs with the N900. Nokia has lost the plot and has lost me.

  • Ray (Nokia)

    Hi, Ray from Nokia here, just wanted to reaffirm our position on this. Our platforms are Series 40, Symbian and MeeGo. That stance was reinforced strongly by our management during Nokia World, and we currently have no plans to use other operating systems

  • Mark

    Idiots… We all know they need to adopt Android or face extinction. Nokia really good hardware, lets hope they don't disappear because they killed themselves by choosing such a poor mobile OS choice as Windows7

  • HAC

    God no! Joining the worst companies in mobile, is the worst idea!