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Nintendo: New Wii Remote Due?

With the recent launch of the Sony PlayStation Move, motion controllers have been in the news a lot recently. It seems that Nintendo are about to launch a new version of their Wii Remote.

US retailer GameStop may have inadvertently let slip that Nintendo are planning on release a new Wii Remote by advertising a pre-order listing for FlingSmash. The box art for the title seems to show a new Wii Remote bundled with it. The notes on the box say’s “Bonus Wii Remote Plus Inside!”.

The game is compatible with the Wii MotionPlus and it looks like the new Wii Remote will have the MotionPlus built in. Looking at the picture on the box the Wii Remote Plus looks slightly longer than the original Wii Remote. FlingSmash was originally due to be released in the summer, but slipped back to November. A new remote could be the reason for this.

Source: Kotaku



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