New Apple TV: Release Date Delayed? – Shipping Refunds Begin

By Alan Ng - Sep 24, 2010

We have some important news for all those of you who have ordered a new Apple TV, as it has been confirmed that Apple has already started issuing refunds to customers who paid for express shipping.

According to this report from Apple Insider, Apple has stated that they may not be able to meet previous shipping dates, and has now issued a shipping refund for all customers who pre-ordered early.

What they failed to mention in the email though, is a reason for the delayed shipments. Here is a portion of the email which Apple is sending out to customers at the moment:

“Our records indicate that when you placed your order you paid for upgraded shipping. Due to a delay, we may have not been able to meet our delivery commitment.”

If this applies to you, you should now contact your bank for when the refund will be reapplied to your bank account. There is still confusion in the air though, on whether all new Apple TV orders have been delayed or not.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you get the email from Apple?

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