Motorola Droid X Problems: Audio Issues after Android 2.2 Froyo Update?

By Alan Ng - Sep 24, 2010

We have some disappointing news to bring you now, as it has been reported that many Droid X owners are suffering from audio problems after updating to the Android 2.2 Froyo update which went live recently.

As reported from EricTric, the issue doesnt appear to be widespread yet, but several users are complaining about sound cutting out, affecting general handset sounds as well as ringtones.

According to EricTric, Verizon are already aware of the problem and are ‘working on it’, but they didn’t give any indication on if a patch update would be coming shortly.

It seems as if the long-awaited update to Android 2.2 Froyo is a double-edged sword as some people are having a few problems after updating.

What is your current status at the moment? Can any of you confirm the audio problems, or do you have a different problem?

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  • Lee Walton

    I have a Droid X for Verizon . I seem to be getting more sound from mike than from listening at ear piece . Lee

  • mikie

    I have to trurn on speaker for you to here me & off to hear you only! E-MAIL MIKEGARDNER91@YAHOO.COM THANKS, GASMAN MIKE

    • Dmarie71

      So do I. This just started yesterday. My model is DroidX and version is 2.2.1.  I can only use phone on speaker at this time. I am a realtor and this is not acceptable.

  • marcinchicago39

    I have many problems, Verizon replace my phone for new one and after two days audio problems start again. I’m dissapointed with this phone. I’m make a mistake buying motorola I had a razer before and Verizon replace it 4 times. Reason of problem is our phones are Made in China and almost everyrhing coming from there are poor quality because they do not make quality control of products which they make. If problems come again I will go to Verizon and try to change it for diffrent phone.

  • Stillstrill

    I had the Droid X for less than 2 weeks and my music stops playing almost everyday. My camera has went out several times. I lost pictures taken. I have had the hard reset, the memeory card formatted and all extra apps removed and still have the same problems. My ring tones also disappear when my music does not play. Every time this happens, I have to take my battery out and put it back in and every works, but to do this everyday is ridiculous. I want to get a new phone, but I am afraid Motorola will send me a refurbish one with more problems. I love the phone, but these issues are very annoying.

  • tom

    My X was working fine last night but when I tried making calls this morning I discovered that I had no call audio. The call went through fine, the person on the orther end reported that they jusst herad dead air, same as me. All other audio works fine- ringer, dial pag, alerts, media, …). At work I tried calling my droid from my office line and confirmed that the issue is for both outgoing and incoming sound.

  • mike

    After I updated my Droid x, my Market Place app was deleted…. also I am now having issues with my media player. I was listening to it one second and then set it down for a bit and when I went back to listen to music everything was all of the sudden "not supported by the media player" ….

  • erweezy14

    I just got the 2.2 fir my driodx and now I don’t have the driod market on my phone please help

  • KRIS



  • Jwils

    Did a manual update, phone cuts out sometimes (people call and I can’t hear, or I call and can’t hear anything), flash doesn’t work, you tube doesn’t work. But I love my phone. Help, this update was not what I thought ir would be.

  • Terry

    Contacts in the phone itself will not update the pictures from Facebook to my Contacts. Other than that I haven't had many issues… (yet anyway)

  • tom

    phantom texting. try to text and the thing will text what ever it wants and goes crazy. tryed to play a card game and the thing goes crazy there to. tired of taking the battery out and turn it back on

  • megan

    My ringtones and alerts work but the sound wont work on any of my apps or when I play music.

  • Kyle

    Sound randomly stops coming out of the back speaker and starts coming from the ear speaker on the front of the phone. I have to reboot to get it back to normal. Obviously, the front speaker is not nearly as loud.

  • Dave

    Same problem as Pootie – No audio or microphone. touch tones seem to ring through.

  • chad

    audio file support is come and go. one minute it will play all the files, next minute "file type not supported" once that happens only way to get it back is to turn the phone off and then back on. playback will randomly stop as well the the app will quit responding. if i let the phone sit it will eventually start working again. overall pretty glitchy operation.

    • marcinchicago39

      Same problem. I had many other problems, Verizon replace mu phone for new one and after two days same thing happend. I’m dissapointed with this phone. I’m make a mistake buying motorola I had a razer before and Verizon replace it 4 times. Reason of problem is our phones are Made in China and almost everyrhing coming from there are poor quality because they do not make quality control of products which they make. If problems come again I will go to Verizon and try to change it for diffrent phone.

  • melvin

    My music been so bad ive had to take out my battery just to turn it off when it starts lagging, cutting, stopping, and more

  • TheSurgical

    Pootie I was having the same problem as you. What I did was, while the phone was on, take the battery out. Then I held down the power button for 30 seconds while the battery was out. Inserted the battery back in. Turned it on and let it completely boot up. Seemed to have done the trick for me.

    • Bob D

      I had the same issue that Pootie reported and tried the solution offered by TheSurgical with a successful outcome. I had downloaded a number of apps at roughly the time that the problem appeared. One of these apps may have triggered the fault. The downloaded apps included eBay Mobile, NASA images, a dictionary app, a traffic app, and a number of others. I had deleted all of the apps that I had downloaded to no avail until trying the solution described in this thread. I wonder, could the problem have resulted from a bug in one of the apps?

  • Pootie

    I've got no audio now. Can't make/take calls. No volume in the earpiece, no volume in the external speaker, and the mic doesn't work either.

    Anybody having this problem?

    • Rocco

      Yes, I have the same exact problem with my Driod 2. Can't make/take calls, no volume.

      • Edrush

        I have the same problem. I can use bluetooth, but not the handset.

  • Nina

    I’ve been having several issues including sluggishness, phone freezing or turning off and having too remove and re insert battery to turn on again, music stopping, bluetooth connection loss…think that’s it. Wish I’d have waited to upgrade. I went through hell with the iphone 4 and thought I’d escaped phone drama by switching to the droid. Luckily this is clearly a software issue but they better get their act together soon. I already waited to get the phone, waited to get the update, and who knows how long it’ll be for a patch. I was hoping the delay in getting it out was them working out kinks which I was willing to deal with after my iphone debacle. But to have waited this long for all these problems? Come on..

  • George

    Motorolo Time & Date widget does not work on the digital setting after installing Froyo 2.2. The clock stays frozen. The analog clock works okay but isn't easy to read. The phone no longer has a working digit clock for the home screen!

  • jake

    After I updated,(which was just last night) my media player will often act like the headphones get taken out. So I have to resume the song. Its also caused my phone to freeze up twice, to the point I need to rip out the battery to reset it. Also when im on a website, mostly facebook, everything works except scrolling in any direction. I was running rooted 2.1 with no problems. So I just want to see if anyones had those specific issues.

  • Joe

    Before FROYO, I had a phenomenal 3G signal, but after downloading Stud update, I get 1 bar of 1X service at best. I can’t get online without a wireless signal.

  • azhawk

    Double twist is not recognizing any of my music and pandora does not run at all *technical error. Complete fail!

    • statusbk

      Had same issue, but then just did a hard reboot, power off/on. OTA upgrade is just a soft boot. Audio worked after hard boot for me, hopefully that works for you.

  • Troy

    I'm still having ringer/alarm vloume issues. I realize I can create custom ones that are louder but not sure if I cna for alarms. Plus, I shouldn't HAVE to do this to simply hear my phone ring from the other room. I had my DX sitting on the floor next to my bed and barely noticed the alarm…even though I was already awake and just waiting for the get out of bed signal. Also, the vibrate is much weaker. I suppose some people might have complained that the original Droid's was too loud because you could hear it decently well i quiet meetings. Overall, love the DX, but these issues are quite critical for daily use and in that regard I miss my Droid dearly.

  • My notification ringtones don't work. Otherwise everything else works. I did have to do a master reset though since my phone pretty much died affter the update. No it wasn't rooted. YouTube works, flash works, had to re-link my contacts but that was an incovenience at best.

  • JMerk

    Anyone else's ringer keeps ringing for a second after answering calls? Well, that's problem one.

    Also my 3G disappears when wifi is turned on and the wifi has to reset all the time. That makes it almost impossible to access the "Market" when wifi is on. Flash is less jumpy on 3g and really choppy on wifi. 🙁

    I did notice that memory booster interfered with my phones browser a lot.

  • Mike

    Phone locked up a few times after update, Had to remove the battery. Removing some old used apps seemed to do the trick as it hasn't locked up since 1st day. Haven't listened to too much music since the update, but overall the update is working smoothly. Maybe I just jinxed myself.

  • Dxmke

    Dx randomly starts music with party shuffle, music stops and resumes, skips sound. Watching you tube or any videos with headset is a problem due to music playing from library. And links sometimes need to be clicked more than twice.


    At first I though the 2.2 would be great to have I waited f the offical update thinking it would be so much better. I’ve had nothing but issues. The issues im having wick didn’t stay connected its off and on if I try to watch a video on youtube it cuts out alot. When im talking on the phone I can’t hear the person I have to put it on speaker phone. Signal is horad. I had a few bars before now I have 1. My gf has more bars on her phone and its a second line to my vzw account. Phone at times is sluggish but I can deal with that not that big a deal. Its seems I should have stayed on the old firmware. Is anyone having the same problems I. Noted in my response? Please email me if you found somthing that works better for my issues thanks

    • jony

      Yea man im havingproblems with youtube too n now it says my sd card is damaged its fukin pissing me off

  • Ktmotoxer

    I had a few problems and eventually did a data reset. Afterwards everything was working ok. Ive been reading how Droid X with 2.2 doesn’t need a task killer. So I decided to leave most everything running. And I have found the phone performs phenomenaly better without task killers. I was skeptical at fitst but the performance of Froyo speaks for itself!

    • david

      This might be a stupid question but what is a data reset and how do I do that? For that matter, what is a task killer? okay maybe that's two stupid questions.

  • shaun

    update went well and all seems to be working smoothly currently

    • camaron714

      then if froyo 2.2 version doesnt need a task killer then why does my battery die quickly

  • Cliff Fettner

    I have just updated my Droid X to Android 2.2 and still have the same problem that I had on Android 2.1. When connecting to corporate exchange account my contacts pictures do not get transferred to the phone. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • I think when I ring a number, I can hear the ringing sound..