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iPad Alternatives a Worry for Apple: Expands Distribution

Apple must be worried over the slew of iPad alternatives that are set to hit the market soon, so much so that they have expanded distribution. What this means is that more third-party retailers in the U.S. will now be able to sell the tablet device – they must sense the wolves are at the door.

AppleInsider said that this is a change of policy for Apple, as they have always protected the iPad, as not to give it a bad image. Now that more retailers can take orders online and not just over the phone will not only be a boost for the third-party retailers but for Apple as well.

The increased distribution applies to all six models of the iPad; this comes shortly after the news that Best Buy is to also to expand how many stores will sell the Apple tablet device. Target is set to sell the iPad in just a few short weeks.

Apple has had the tablet market to itself in 2010, but things are set to change with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackPad from RIM, HP Slate and more; all set to have their share of the market.

Will the iPad be able to compete with the new range of tablet devices set to launch in the coming months?



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