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HP Slate Tablet Leaked: Video Review

The history of the HP Slate is like a soap opera marriage, one minute it is on – the next it is off. However, we now know the tablet device is a go and we have located a leaked video review of the device, which you can see for yourself below.

Hewlett Packard has yet to make an official announcement of the device, but we know that the thing is coming – we just do not know when. The smart money would be in the next couple of months, as this is when the likes of Samsung with their Galaxy Tab and other Android based tablet devices are expected to hit the market.

According to Stuart Miles from Pocket-lint, who spent some time looking over the video, the back of the device looks to have a rubberized finish. You will notice that there is a 3-megapixel camera on the rear, along with a front-facing one – something that is not on the current iPad. However, it is expected to be included on the iPad 2, which is rumored to be released before Christmas.

The HP Slate is running on Windows 7, and the video shows that it takes just 40 seconds to boot; you will also notice how fast web browsing is. Has HP got it right with the design of their Slate device?


  • finance

    I own an Ipad, i thought this HP tablet very slow to boot, the Ipad is instantaneously. that's before any software was installed. Talk about missing the boat. It looks not very finger frendly. I hope it cost less than

    • p14c

      Do you even know what booting mean you moron? Try to actually boot your useless iPad and see that its not instantaneously!
      Finally a tablet that its not totally useless. Lets hope they make some more tweaks for the final product.


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