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Gran Turismo 5 PS3: Best Price – $47.99 at Newegg?

Here is a heads up for all of you planning to pick up Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3 in November, as it looks as if US retailer NewEgg will be the cheapest place to pick up a copy – unless you’ve seen a better price of course.

Over on their website, they are offering the game for just $47.99, which is a considerable discount from the original retail price of $59.99. Just in case you were thinking Amazon would have it cheaper – they don’t. I’ve taken a quick look at their listing for GT5 and it is $59.99.

As far as we can see, this is currently the best deal for the game in the US. NewEgg are now taking pre-orders for the game, and the $12 saving includes free shipping too.

Have you seen the game cheaper elsewhere?

Source – Joystiq


  • Layzie

    Yeah, they upped the price and shipping, I did see it at $47.99. I believe the new best thing to be gamestop since you get a McLaren F1 and a special Gamestop NASCAR (car?) for $59.99 and $2.99 shipping, although tax is probably added as well.

  • noo

    yea the price is 56.99 and 5$ shipping they must have upped it cause too many people got it cheap

  • wtf

    no free shipping either…

  • Jomama2010

    ummm it says 56.99
    am i missing something?

  • Keith

    Cannot wait to play this fantastic looking title


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