BlackBerry 9570 In The Wild: Storm 3?

By Peter Chubb - Sep 24, 2010

At the beginning of the week Daniel reported on what was assumed to be the first leaked images of the BlackBerry 9570 Storm 3, we are now getting reports that the new handset from RIM has been spotted in the wild. The worrying thing is, it looks just like the Storm 2.

If this is true, then this coincides with my recent report that the new Storm would be like its predecessor but on a diet. According to BlackBerry Leaks, the new BlackBerry 9570 will come with a few minor hardware upgrades, and one major software upgrade to OS 6.

If this image turns out to be true, then this could be a huge mistake from Research In Motion. They already know that the past Storm handsets have not sold as well as they had hoped, and as for the Torch – what more can I say?

Chris Ziegler from Engadget thinks that RIM could call this new handset the BlackBerry Storm 2.5 or plus, this makes a lot of sense and will be just what Apple did with the iPhone 3GS.

View the images here; do you believe that it is the BlackBerry Storm 3?

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  • WANT 4 G

    Had the Storm One. What a hassel from day one. Now have Storm 2. Still have to take the battery out to reboot. At times, buttons don't always work to even answer the phone. Had a ton of dust under the screen on the 1 and looks like the same issue can happen on the 2. RIM better figure out their market position soon. Really tired of calling Verizon. Tired of the hassels. Does anyone at BlackBerry or Verizon care??????????

  • FreshDakid

    blackberry please change the model of the storm 3 atleast damn im still on my storm 1 because buying the second one would be a waste cause its the same thing, put a 5mp cam on the storm 3, change the design smh, rim get it together or blackberry is gonna be the next sidekick