Xbox 360 Kinect: Milo and Kate Cancelled? – Are you surprised?

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2010

We have some shocking, but probably unsurprising rumors to bring you now, as it has been revealed that Lionhead’s Milo and Kate game for the Kinect system on the Xbox 360 has been cancelled.

That is according to this report from Eurogamer, who reveals that 19 contractors who were working on the game have been let go by Lionhead studios.

Eurogamer reports that they have been told that the remaining team who worked on the game will now put their efforts on Kinect support for Fable III – Lionhead’s next big title to release on the console.

For a game that has been so long in development, and the fact that we have hardly seen any real hands-on footage of the game, you have to say that this cancellation was very much on the cards. Peter Molyneux has yet to comment on these rumors, but we’ll hopefully have this cleared up for you when we hear more on this.

Give us your reaction to the news. It looks like none of us will be able to throw a big red ball into the TV now. What a shame.

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  • Peter

    Personally I still think the thing was a fake! I think it was a marketing ploy to show what "might be" possible, not what is possible. I think it's nothing more than a bunch of propaganda mush that many fell for. It's not a real game, I don't believe it ever was a real game, and if the project actually exists or not, it was most likely an "in-house" experiment to see what Lionhead could do with the platform.

    Unfortunately this is the same as so many companies using the high-end renders to represent their games instead of showing the actual game play videos. Surprising, no. Disappointing, yes!

  • bite me

    Cancelled,any surprise? look at the xbox in the "Natal-Milo" demo where the hard drive is usually located. It's been modded to hell. Xbox'swould needto be bigger not smaller like the new slim.

  • minxi

    i only wanted to but it for milo :'( he looked so cute bless him

  • RRRR

    I just bought one and figured out this game is not included, and read here it's even cancelled!! They are just a bunch of cheaters!! Anyway, happy there are still some nice games.
    However it's a dirty, low style below the belt way of marketing.

  • Brandon

    i have kinect now and its really good. its a shame that milo has been cancelled , i agree with razi because if this did come out it would be the next step in gaming. in the next 30 years there will probably be hologram games where the game comes out of the screen instead of us going in the game lol looking forward to the future hopefully we can hav some fun with this kinect . 😀

    • Another Person Named Brandon

      I am coming up with something called an ImmersiDome which is 8ft in height and 8ft in diameter. Has full-bodied holograms, (not staticy ones, but the holograms will be life-like and you can interact with them.) a system to where you can smell and taste virtual things with out any external hardware, motion sensors EVERYWHERE, (for precision) treadmill for running/walking/crawling ect., (works along with sensors) realistic sound depth, and an SDK for developers. I am also creating a first-party virtual world/fitness facility called FitWorld. Since the dome is so big and expensive, (due to all the hardware) you will have to go to FitWorld or a ImmersiDome Discovery Center in order to play. I keep FitWorld to myself because it’s a big project as well. You can still talk to NPCs as how it would be with Milo and Kate. Heck, purchase NPCs so you can talk with them if no friends are online. (Or if you and your friends are bored.) Expect this to all happen sometime after 2020.

  • Corey

    This was the ONLY reason I was going to buy. -1

  • I can't believe they have cancelled this! It really seemed like a promising, engaging game! 🙁

  • Razi

    I was looking forward to having an AI program much more than controller-less gaming. Something to read emotions and see how far the technology had become. I still want a Kinect but it is going to wait now… instead of Q4 2010, it will probably waith for Q2 2011 after more games were out… More than one Star Wars and maybe a Naruto game.

  • no wonder people said it was fakke

  • chris

    There are stories where they bag out ps3 as well

  • marhorn