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Xbox 360 Kinect: Milo and Kate Cancelled? – Are you surprised?

We have some shocking, but probably unsurprising rumors to bring you now, as it has been revealed that Lionhead’s Milo and Kate game for the Kinect system on the Xbox 360 has been cancelled.

That is according to this report from Eurogamer, who reveals that 19 contractors who were working on the game have been let go by Lionhead studios.

Eurogamer reports that they have been told that the remaining team who worked on the game will now put their efforts on Kinect support for Fable III – Lionhead’s next big title to release on the console.

For a game that has been so long in development, and the fact that we have hardly seen any real hands-on footage of the game, you have to say that this cancellation was very much on the cards. Peter Molyneux has yet to comment on these rumors, but we’ll hopefully have this cleared up for you when we hear more on this.

Give us your reaction to the news. It looks like none of us will be able to throw a big red ball into the TV now. What a shame.



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