Xbox 360: Does it need Blu-Ray or DVDs?

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2010

Earlier on we told you how the UK Xbox boss Stephen McGill said that Blu-ray isn’t necessary for the Xbox 360, but now we want to know what you think about the matter, would you like to see the Blu-Ray format on your console?

Firstly, if you haven’t read up on McGill’s comments, you can do so by reading our previous report here. McGill basically said, ‘Blu-Ray – Who needs it?’, adding that the disc format used on the PS3 is going to become extinct as technology progresses towards digital distribution.

You could agree with him on the digital part of the argument, but I still think there is a place for Blu-Ray on the market, and especially on the Xbox 360 console. How many Xbox 360 owners can honestly say they don’t mind disc-switching for content heavy games on the 360? If there is an option to save developer’s time by putting it onto one Blu-Ray disc, then isn’t that better for everyone?

Microsoft say that they are cutting costs and it was a ‘smart decision’ to avoid Blu-Ray on the Xbox 360, but what do you think about this?

Let us know – Are you still happy using DVDs or would you prefer Blu-Ray in the future?

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  • Ken

    I'm all for Digital copies as long as I can play them on more that one machine, otherwise give me a disc…Blu-Ray, DVD, whatever.

  • Mercury

    ahhh who cares about the bluray disc? i want the terrabyte disk that's going to come out!

    • Timothy

      Green-ray disk created by Microsoft exclusively for Xbox 360 and 720 in the future 1 terabyte capacity. They should bulid that

  • Rollo

    It's a moot point unless Microsoft is willing to give a Blu-Ray add on to every one who purchased a 360.

  • tom

    i feel that they are fine with the dvd until there next console and by then the price of blu ray will be very cheap. who knows what the next formate might be down the road for now xbox will be fine with what it has but I think that there might be some that might like to have and add on which i would like to see..

  • darren

    who cares about blu-ray. it’s just a trend that aint going to be around a year or 2 from now. And DVD’s are going to be around a long time after the switch to all digital. And me personally, i dont want all digital. I like being able to go to the store and buy games, cd’s, DVD’s. I like being able to hold and look at the cases and the manuels.

    • pnkr0cker

      Dude, you just canceled out your argument. If you like keeping physical copies, then I'm sure keeping track of 4 Xbox discs for one game will be a hassle.

      And keep in mind, this article is looking at blue-ray from a GAMING aspect, not movies. Right now games are the only things really taking advantage of blue-ray's space. So as the push towards better graphics, longer games, and more content/features of games rises, the amount of spaces needed to contains that will rise dramatically. DVD9's just can't keep up with that. Besides, compression really sucks, why would you pay the same price for a DVD9 game that's been compressed time after time, when you could have a quality blue-ray disc? Only fanboys detest them.

  • Klatu

    Agreed. The only difference between, say, a netflix streaming HD movie, and a Blu-Ray copy of the same title is the occasional buffering, and more importantly the compression ratio. There is no physical difference in the quality of the final product. That said, the only reason xbox would need to go blu-ray is to prevent more "multi-disc" titles, or implement 3d playback, as 3d movies are typically blu-ray, as a typical DVD cannot hold the amount of data necessary. However, all that said, the next generation of xbox will need blu-ray (or a similar format) to keep up with technology of ever increasing graphical capabilities. Certainly streaming and downloadable titles aren't going anywhere, but there will always be a need for a physical storage medium with ever more capacity, as long as gaming consoles are around.

  • Interestx

    Unless they rig the market I expect DVD to see Blu-ray off.
    They missed the bus with the PC market (why bother with discs when hard drives are so cheap, reliable and so much bigger & faster?).

    Most people don't have the high-end speakers needed to even hear the better audio and on the sort of HD TV sets the majority have (32" – 50") the difference between streamed or downloaded encode & Blu-ray is not that much.

  • mic rowsoft

    avi…… sort it out you tight bar stewards

  • IAmM450n

    I download all my games to the hard-drive so multiple discs is really a non-issue for me.

    Blu-Ray is not the only way to get HD content (many people don't understand this). I would rather save the money not buying the player and rent or purchase HD content digitally.

    Blu-Ray read/write play is too slow to justify its "large" (relative) capacity.

    Blu-Ray is replacing DVD format, but not nearly as much as digital distribution is replacing physical media entirely (e.g. CD's).