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White iPhone 4: Release Date Imminent? – Walmart Listing

We have some exciting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that the highly anticipated White iPhone 4 device has made an appearance at an Walmart store in the US – is a release date finally around the corner?

According to this report from PocketNow, a new photo has emerged which shows the white device on sale in a Walmart store. Whether it is on sale now or a preview of things to come, remains to be seen.

As you can see from the picture, the white model is clearly listed at the retailer and comes with a $197 price tag for the 16GB model, slightly lower than the $199 that Apple charges for the iPhone 4.

This solitary picture does seem a bit strange though, considering that Apple still has the white iPhone 4 listed as ‘currently unavailable’ – the same message which has been there for months.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the white iPhone 4 is coming soon? Don’t forget that we are now closing in on the ‘end of September’ release period.


  • HiIt’s about time…big James Bond fan here!! Yeah You can check this video cool song “When james bond get Married Movie is Over” Lol…Love your blog would be visiting soon!

  • DumbFranko

    what an a$$

  • Scotty

    Franko… They sent you two white iPhone 4's to replace a black handset with a cracked screen? What planet do you live on, I wan't an invite!

  • Franko

    D.Keela. Yes you can but your black iphone has to have a cracked display. Ive done this with mine and they sent me two white iphone 4’s no charge!!! Try it out!

    • kloan

      Oh boy!! I'm gonna go smash mine right now!! Thanks for the tip!!

  • alim

    Apple are very silly, not to give customers any news with the release if iPhone4 white.
    I have been waiting for the white iphone4, they are now taking the piss, to be frank.

    Even with the Black iPhone 4, it will take 3 weeks for them to send it out if you order online, apple need to understand the demand of the handset and make more, if the company in China cannot meet supply the handset, it about time Apple find a new company to make them.

    I understand, the Apple like to keep things secret, however I feel that its about time they keep their customer aware of whats happening, why cant they just tell us the release datem rather then keeping quite or allow customer to pre-order, so when it is released the know how many to make.

  • Mindy

    Walmart is known to be rife with errors on their product tags. I wouldn't set any hopes of it coming out soon (within the next month is my definition of soon) based on this.

  • hurriCANESchic

    So I decided to check walmart site…. they ARE posting it at the same price and listed as COMING SOON.. take a look>>

    • Shane

      that has been up since july….
      anyways… this is about a step up from that phony email from steve jobs.. but it could be a huge misprint… Nothing yet from the man himself.. so why should a walmart store.. much less one walmart store have the say..

  • D.Keela

    Can i exchange my black i phone 4 for a white one if its having technical difficulties?

  • bz17854

    walmart near my home has this price tag since the day 1.
    they had price tag for white and black, but they had

  • banana

    You mean UNavailable ?


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