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Verizon iPhone 4: Release Date Update – Good News

We have some good news for those of you currently on Verizon or even thinking of switching, as we have some solid details on the release of the CDMA version of the Apple iPhone – it is good news.

According to this report from Apple Insider, some fresh details have emerged from an investor note from Susquehanna Financial Group, which states that Apple will begin to build over 3 million CDMA-enabled iPhone devices in December this year.

If the details are true, then it means that the Verizon iPhone is still on for an early 2011 launch, moving in-line with previous speculation on the release of the still unannounced device.

When will Apple finally announce the Verizon iPhone though? Do you think they will do it before the end of this year, or wait until a press conferenece in January? Don’t forget that it was only yesterday that we told you about AT&T’s comments about the company not being worried by the thought of losing the iPhone 4 exclusivity.

Give us your thoughts on these new details.


  • Johnny Ripcord

    It won’t be the same phone that’s on AT&T or any other carrier in the world. Verizon uses different network technology, so Apple would have to design a whole new special phone just for Verizon (Verizon uses a special CDMA design licensed and patented by Qualcom that is nonstandard CDMA.

  • petemont

    I would pre-buy for Christmas if I could. I'm so disappointed with AT&T esspecially in LA extra especially in and around my house in Hollywood. It's rediculas that a huge company can't add more network to support such an awesome device like IPhone. Sad business ethics. A wake up call is surely on the way. "Can You Hear Me Now, AT&T?"

  • vol7ron

    I'm not sure Verizon's network would be able to handle the flood if users switched to that network. Not to mention, CDMA does not seem as appealing when compared to 3G.

  • Geo

    My 2nd generation Iphone is trashed and I refuse to replace till I can switch carriers. Fingers crossed that Verison's relability will smash the horrible AT & T service! AT & T should be worried. EVERYONE I know in L.A. that has an Iphone would switch ASAP!!!

  • N6JSX

    I suspect that any delay in Apple-Verizon announcement is due to possible contractual/sales issues with AT&T with any prior announcement before 2011. Everything looks like Apple is gearing up the build/inventory for a January sales blowout.
    What will a Verizon iPhone 4 cos Verizon userst???
    What will Verizon charge for iPhone 4 access/packages???
    The costs WILL be the deal breaker in my Verizon phone switching!

  • Bob

    If Apple had a brain they'd ramp up production sooner for a Black Friday Launch! Apple and Verizon would be laughin' all the way to the bank! It would make the Ninendo Wii rave look like a ripple!

  • dickhertz

    Steve Job should allow iphone to be carried with all carriers in the US…
    Because is the king of the iphone …Verizon customers are using Android x thanks to iphone innovation …
    Have Tmobile carry iphone lots cheaper for apple to produce it ..


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