The Future: IE9, Firefox 4, Opera, and Chrome Beta Downloads

By Gary Johnson - Sep 23, 2010

At the moment there are beta web browsers available from the likes of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. With all the choice available to users what are the differences?

Michael Muchmore of PCMAG is looking at what all this activity in browser betas means for internet users. It was found that some of the new browsers heading our way have a more cleaner feel to them, with IE9 in particular having a less cluttered look along the top window border. Google Chrome beats this by having just a single control button, the Gear icon.

Opera have taken the interface reduction even further by having a single menu button at the very top of the window border, and Firefox 4 has a similar style. With speed the betas were tested on a machine running Windows 7 Ultimate, with Google Chrome still being the fastest. IE9 showed much improvement over IE8.

Everyone will have their own favorite web browser be it for speed of just plain looks, but it is good to have so much choice. To read the full in depth comparison click here.

What browser do you use?

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  • Chris Dawes

    Can you please post your testing benchmarks and testing software for speed? Also can you tell me which browser runs fastest with multiple tabs open. Chrome runs fast with one tab, but with more than one you start to lose your memory… also how do they cope with flash, heavy javascript or graphics rendering?

    Are these speed tests just 'perception' (or favourite biased) rather than reality?