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Smartphones In 2010: Nokia, HTC, and BlackBerry Most Wanted

When it comes to the most anticipated smartphones for the rest of 2010, it is certainly a tough one and often comes down to personal preference. Apple has launched theirs, and while the new iPhone 4 had some teething issues, it has still proven a popular handset. So what has BlackBerry, HTC and Nokia got coming up?

Nokia is an easy one; most would agree that we are waiting on the release of the Nokia N8. Earlier today Gary Johnson reported that this iPhone alternative could be released in October. It had been hoped to be with us in the next few days, but that is not likely to happen.

As for the BlackBerry Storm 3, we are still in the dark with this one. We recently saw what was reported as the first leaked images, but it was not certain if these were real or fake. Either way this is the most anticipated handset from RIM, as the BlackBerry Torch was seen as a flop.

As for HTC, it is hard to know what new handset we are looking forward to the most from them. All the Android handset from them seems to be very much the same at the moment – with only a few differences here and there. Taking that in-mind, I would have to say that maybe the HTC HD7 is one worth waiting for, this will be a Windows Phone 7 – so will be interesting to see what difference it will have over the range of Google Android handsets in their portfolio.

What new smartphone are you looking forward to the most in 2010?



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