Similac Recall 2010: Lot Numbers and Site Issues Fixed

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2010

Yesterday Justin reported that Abbott Laboratories issued a recall on their Similac baby formula due to the possibility that the common beetle could be found in the product. As you would imagine the Similac website for looking at the lot numbers came under huge demand, so much that Alan Ng reported that the site stopped working for a while.

However, we can now tell you that the site is now working, as they have now fixed the issues causing the downtime. Alan also gave us details on the list of affected formulas, which was certain to be worrying parents.

If for any reason the website goes down yet again, then you can get all the lot numbers by visiting It is reported that 5 million cans of the formula is begin recalled, and looking at all those lot number – we can see why.

Currently all production of the Similac formula has come to a stop. Again, you can type in your lot number here to see if your product is affected by this latest recall. Has this put you off purchasing all Similac formulas?

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