Similac Recall 2010: Formula Lot Numbers Website Not Working?

While an official website has been launched in wake of the Similac Recall affecting baby formula products, we can confirm that a lot of users are having trouble accessing the website itself, due to high volumes of traffic.

Considering how important this particular recall is, we are not surprised to see the website struggling to cope with traffic, but the same time – is it really good enough?

They have provided a website for consumers to check lot numbers for their products, but what good is it, if the website doesn’t load, it just adds to the drama for many parents.

Ive entered the website url a few times now, and I can confirm that it is loading pretty slow. It does load, but you have to wait a long time to get in.

Are you having similar problems accessing the website? For a list of Similac products that are not affected by this recall, click here.



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