Samsung Galaxy Tab: 10-inch iPad rival revealed

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2010

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is aiming for a different market compared to the Apple iPad, as it will come with a smaller 7-inch screen. However, we have since learned that Samsung is to offer a larger 10-inch version, which does make it a perfect rival to the iPad.

This is certainly interesting, as there have been reports that Apple is to make a 7-inch version of its iPad. So both Samsung and Apple will have two tablet devices with the same screen size. Both Samsung tablet devices will run on Google’s Android OS, and will also support the Adobe Flash Player.

We do not know of an exact release date for the 10-inch version of the Galaxy Tab, which Vlad Savov from Engadget learned from an article on Silicon Republic. However, we can tell you that it looks to be early 2011.

As for the release of the 7-inch version, Alan Ng recently reported that a Mid-October release looks very likely for AT&T and November for Verizon. Sprint should also get the tablet in the same month, but there are no details for the T-mobile release date.

Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be able to compete with the Apple iPad?

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  • metin

    samsung technology best in the WORLD,?Then please samsung 10'inch? Galaxy Tab.Thenks*metin*

  • Looks beautiful. Samsung people are better known for their visual devices. I am sure this ipod would be one of them. I would like to say one thing future is of voip technology. People are switching to voip phone service quickly. Obviously, electronic companies have to make more voip friendly devices. Can someone tell me how this device handles voip videos and games.

  • TJ Leeland

    @ waterguy: You should be able to do Skype on Verizon's. That's the current situation for Android. Skype is freezing out Sprint and the others and working an exclusivity deal with Verizon. That's why I've moved to Google Voice, especially since you can send and receive calls via your Gmail account now, with a local phone number, for *free*.

    It's possible that Verizon will block VoIP calls completely if you buy a data only plan, which is the kind of plan I'd expect for the Galaxy Tab. Any of the carriers could do that, and it wouldn't surprise me if they all do — even if they currently allow VoIP. With Android devices coming out on mobile 3G networks, a lot of people are asking that same question. It's the holy grail for many mobile users, but it would hurt the mobile phone industry; at least in theory. I think the number of people who would be willing to contend with the inconvenience and missed calls (because your VoIP app was accidently closed) is actually minimal. If you depend at all on your phone, you won't be dropping it for a mobile VoIP app yet.

  • waterguy

    a non-techie question from a potentially interested user – can you make a skype call on one of these devices? How challenging or costly would it be to enable phone calls from a tablet device so you could do mobile phone (or even video) conferencing properly?

    • ramesh

      yes, just like in ur iphone or in laptop

  • juliocesarhg


  • jimbob

    Samsung have now realized that nobody will buy a 7" device as it is useless and nobody will buy it ! Smart phones with 4" screen is much less bulky in the pocket and the cost well keep dreamin ah samsung £750 ! ipad £459 but the 10" yes please over the ipad . They are only recycling old ideas as tablet pc.s 10 or 15 years ago like 3d t.v but that was 20 years ago !