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Samsung Galaxy Tab: 10-inch iPad rival revealed

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is aiming for a different market compared to the Apple iPad, as it will come with a smaller 7-inch screen. However, we have since learned that Samsung is to offer a larger 10-inch version, which does make it a perfect rival to the iPad.

This is certainly interesting, as there have been reports that Apple is to make a 7-inch version of its iPad. So both Samsung and Apple will have two tablet devices with the same screen size. Both Samsung tablet devices will run on Google’s Android OS, and will also support the Adobe Flash Player.

We do not know of an exact release date for the 10-inch version of the Galaxy Tab, which Vlad Savov from Engadget learned from an article on Silicon Republic. However, we can tell you that it looks to be early 2011.

As for the release of the 7-inch version, Alan Ng recently reported that a Mid-October release looks very likely for AT&T and November for Verizon. Sprint should also get the tablet in the same month, but there are no details for the T-mobile release date.

Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be able to compete with the Apple iPad?



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