Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Disappointed with Delay?

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2010

Earlier this week, we stated how it was ‘good news’ that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S update to Android 2.2 Froyo was coming in October. However, we’ve been notified that the update has already been long overdue.

Samsung Galaxy S owners have the right to feel a little aggrieved that their stock device will not be upgraded to Froyo until late October at the earliest. Furthermore, that late October prediction came via Samsung’s Spanish Facebook page, so it still hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

This situation is similar to the situation that Nexus One owners faced, as they had to wait quite a while before Google updated their devices with Froyo. Since the Galaxy S is the stock device unlike the various offsprings for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, you would like to think that the stock device will receive Froyo before the Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant and Epic 4G.

Firstly, are you disappointed with the length of time this is taking to push out a simple update? Are you starting to regret buying the stock Galaxy S? We’ll hopefully be able to bring you more details on this situation soon.

Hang in there.

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  • edmar

    Okay so I’ve been trying to update my samsung galaxy s to the official Optus Froyo 2.2 but I’ve had no luck!
    I believe its not working due to the fact that I was impatient and tried to update to 2.2 with the use of a registry hack. I don’t have much knowledge about doing so, but I still tried it and it upgraded me to 2.1-update.

    Could this be the case? If so how would I go about fixing it?

    I’ve read many threads about using Odin and flashing and what not but like I said I have very little knowledge about these sort of things and I am scared of bricking my phone.

    When I try to update via Kies this appears:

    “This device’s version cannot be update” and
    Current Version: PDA:JM8/PHONE:JV$/ CSC:JM1(XEC)

    I’ve been told on another forum that Optus never shipped with or offered an SGS with JM2. So that’s where my concept of the registry hack comes in. I don’t remember which website I used but is there a way of undoing it?

    Please help! Thankyouu

  • edmar

    Okay so I've been trying to update my samsung galaxy s to the official Optus Froyo 2.2 but I've had no luck!
    I believe its not working due to the fact that I was impatient and tried to update to 2.2 with the use of a registry hack. I don't have much knowledge about doing so, but I still tried it and it upgraded me to 2.1-update.

    Could this be the case? If so how would I go about fixing it?

    I've read many threads about using Odin and flashing and what not but like I said I have very little knowledge about these sort of things and I am scared of bricking my phone.

    When I try to update via Kies this appears:

    "This device's version cannot be update" and
    Current Version: PDA:JM2 / PHONE:JM1 / CSC:JM1

    I've been told on another forum that Optus never shipped with or offered an SGS with JM2. So that's where my concept of the registry hack comes in. I don't remember which website I used but is there a way of undoing it?

    Please help! Thankyouu



  • 3-Card-Moly

    I have the Galaxy S Phone from T-mobile and their Customer Service Rep informed me that we are not Getting the 2.2 Froyo Update she was informed by her Superiors of that, I also said to the Rep this is a Bait and Switch Ploy to buy a Galaxy S Phone on Promise of an Upgrade then Lied about it because now you can't return it for a Full Refund!, The Companies in the U.S.A. Should not Distribute the Samsung Korean Products no more! They are Taken American for a Ride! We Been Bam Boozle!, Hoodwicked!, and Run Amok on this Fake Froyo 2.2 Upgrade!

  • fmafioso

    should have kept my evonever will I by a samsung product again

  • Thomas Brennan

    Froyo update 2.2 early November, what a complete and utter joke (again). November "which year" !! Gave up long time ago on the genuine update. If I was Samsung I would only talk about an update "WHEN IT HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED" rather than when will NOT happen. Stop waisting everybodys time Samsung

  • Sambat

    I'm always support samsung, I'm waiting for 2.2 froyo for my Galaxy S. But, Now Samsung announced Galaxy K in the South Korea. The waiting for 2.2 is..

  • Santosh

    I upgraded my Galaxy S using the beta firmware released by Samsung..but facing several troubles.. many of the processes are not running properly (cannot do login in native facebook and twitter accounts).. the mobile internet is not working.. phone hangs quite often… so i might to back to 2.1 till Samsung does the upgrade over the air..

  • J. J. Pittman

    So many people saying negative things to those who feel scorned by Samsung. Here’s what gets me: the Galaxy S has been advertised from the beginning with it’s full line of features and still is not capable of actually performing them because of the lack of an update to Froyo. Watch the commercials, look at Samsung’s website itself. They all brag about all of its features. That is Samsung saying that the features are there! Everyone who is upset about not having Froyo is totally justified and Samsung should be ashamed. They are treating their Galaxy S customers the same way they treated their Behold customersand aren’t being held accountable. Bad business, Samsung. Bad business. This is like buying a new home being told that it has heating, a/c, etc.and then get told that the a/c won’t work until a new form of freon is released. Lying is lying and, unfortunately, Samsung is Samsung.

  • PDXMike

    Well, I bought the Vibrant. I really like the phone, but it does have some serious problems. Most blatant is the lack of Bluetooth Voice Dialing. I'm sorry but in today's world with all of the cracking down on cell phone usage while driving I just don't see how a phone ever got to market without this feature. My nearly 6 year old Moto Razr2 could do it.

    I have about a week left until I run out of my money back program. So I guess if the update is not here by then Samsung (and TMobile) will be out $500…

  • dagetzz

    For those people complaining about the phone being slow use ryanza's lagfix, that's the advantage of using android OS the android community help each other to fix issues with different devices. Most of the people complaining about the phone just buy a different phone that you can't customize.

  • Sambamurthy

    Samsung should consider the consumers who buy higher en models like galaxy S, just because of software support and App support mostly we go for branded mobiles, or otherwise so many mobile in market are vailable with such big screen and touch screen which is 10 times lesser price than this.. so dont dissapoint the consumers and force them to think of rejecting samsung phones in future.

  • matt

    I totally agree with Prostheta its an amazing handset alot better than the iphone. ive had no problems and im guessing non of you moaning hoons have either just want the latest firmeware.

    I would rather wait that little bit longer for the perfected os than them rush it and have bugs that need fixes.

    Why buy a phone to wait for the update fools be paciant.

  • Samsung

    Samsung Froyo Update will be delayed till November to December 2010 because of rewriting the GPS drivers and fixing the lag issue, news from inside employee.

  • Backudog

    The delay doesn’t bother me too much as I haven’t got my galaxy s yet! And from the various vids n reviews I’ve seen online it seems to work just fine and speedy on 2.1 so am happy to wait a while for the update, just wish I didn’t have to wait for my phone though(9 days to go!).

    • matt

      You wont regret it dont listen to the impactiant moaners when u upgrade dont think twice its a quality handset iphones suck. I had both the iphone 4 and the galaxy s out while deciding and defo made the wright choice.

  • pissoff

    I think Samsung Needs to Get their Act together, They seem More of Getting the Europeans Model Phone Update Quicker then the USA Models also I heard they are Coming out with Galaxy Samsung S2 phones next Yr so they are not Pushing this Original Galaxy Phone so Hard, My GPS and 3G on this Phone Sucks it goes in and out! Samsung is becoming a Big Ripoff Company to its Consumers!

    • Anon

      You do understand how sentence capitalisation works?

  • Mr. Bruce

    Why are people so frusterated? I waited 6 months for the phone to be released in my country (Iceland). I couldn´t be more happy that I waited and didn´t buy X10 or even the Iphone. To be able to drag and drop movies and tv shows… along my music into a folder is so nice. It has played all the movies I´ve put on it, I´m so happy that I don´t need to connect my computer to iTunes just to put music on it.

    So what the 2.2 Froyo isn´t here yet, be patient it will arrive. As well the touch screen and the Super Amoled screen is to die for, black is actually BLACK! I use it for my email as well and it works perfectly. Even google maps works fine for me even though I live on a small island called Iceland.

    I work with all kinds of cell phones every day. Even the Iphone 4 and I have not found one good reason why I should buy the Iphone 4 or HTC Desire instead of I9000. Maybe the I9000 works better for me, I´ve always bought Samsung and not once have they let me down.

  • hulky

    to be honest everyone this phone is ANDROID BASED thats why you should flash your firmware so its not laggy most likely 80% of the owners of this phone are not on the same firmware anyways that's why theirs lag fixes and if your scared then you can flash back to the stock firmware just search samsung-firmwares

  • DMT

    Okay everyone…. Here is the skinny. I would like to address to 3 points that have been stated above and then I will leave you all to bicker amongst yourselves as to why you need this and why you can’t wait for that…

    Point 1 – GPS fix: quite simply, don’t use any of the market place’s memory/task managers! This will remedy the GPS issue and you will find that GPS gets a fix quickly and with no problems. These memory killers/task managers tend to kill vital system processes and abstaining from using them (albeit difficult) really does work. 1st hand experience.

    Point 2 – Don’t blame Google for the Manufacturers lag in updating your phone. the fact is that Google really has nothing to do with your phone not having 2.2. In fact Google just licenses the product for free and manufacturers/developers have to put in the effort to bring the codebase to their respective phones… Oh yeah, and don’t forget your friendly telco, I mean after all, they inevitably must push the updates to us and also approve of the content of said updates.

    Point 3 – Please don’t talk about how bad the galaxy s or whichever branded galaxy phone you have is. This phone does have it’s quirks (I myself am not a huge fan of the touch interface) as I really am more of a purist (had g1 preorder 2 years ago…and really had to get used to the Samsung interface).

    The phone has a brilliant screen with color that pops, it always seems to get people that see me using it to ask what kind of phone it is. The battery life (not so great) but all in all this really is the best phone out there. For now. But wait 6 months (dual core processors are on the way for Android!!! Ya’ay 😉

    Have a great day/night everyone…And try to not worry so much about things beyond our control. The update will come… EVENTUALLY. Don’t forget to breathe

  • eric

    This is the last weekend to decide whether the phone is a keeper or not. The update delay is mega lame but i’m more suspicious of samsung for their attention to the Tab. It starting to look like these phones were just to draw our attention to the Tab and as soon as it’s released the phones are just a red headed step child. I will say my wife got an Intercept when I got the Epic and that phone is rock solid. Battery lasts her over 24 hours, android 2.1 vanilla – no launcher, can’t play games like angry birds but she doesn’t care. I copied her settings on the Epic (turned off touchwiz – it’s not just a skin it’s a couple services in the background, set brightness down all the way and then set it to automatic, etc) and it’s lasted past 10 hrs since plugging it in.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong and they just being deligent but I have my doubts

    • eric

      Ps kies does not work with the epic it does not recognize the phone even with the drivers installed.

  • Mark

    I want to know where the form was that said I would get froyo when I bought a galaxy s. Morons, Samsung is under no obligation to upgrade this phone. If they do upgrade, its a bonus. Stop being ungrateful Americans. They are upgrading this for free so shut up.

    • Yeazir

      Shut up idiot it's about the customers not about samsung you dumb piece of crap,

  • BigT

    I actually spoke with a Samsung rep directly, and they told me that the update would take place by this end of this month (September). Also, the rep said that with the 2.2 update, will come the ability for US versions of the Galaxy S, to be able to use the Samsung Kies program, wich does not currently work with US versions. So it looks like we'll be getting much more than just Froyo, but also a GPS fix, and access to a fantastic program! I actually downloaded Kies to check it out, and it is an extremely good program for these phones. Get Kies, you will not be dissapointed!

  • cidalan

    im very happy with galaxy s .. its okay the froyo is late.. just abit disappointed … galaxy s rock!

  • @jporter

    I am very disappointed about the delay. I love my Captivate but one main reason I switched from an iPhone was the promise of Froyo and with it, Flash content on my mobile. My Captivate also hangs a lot which I hear is less prevalent in Froyo. I was waiting patiently for the "late September" release but I I'm going to move ahead and root if I don't hear official word from Samsung with a specific release date.

  • Erik

    Everyone complaining here about the Froyo delay are whiny babies…. Why?

    Because I LOVE MY SAMSUNG GALAXY S (Verizon Fascinate)

    ~Boo Yaa

  • Shashank

    I just want to say that..
    galaxy S is a great phone..
    samsung is taking too long to bring the updates.. its ok, if they release a stable and well finished update at around mid october..
    and last but not the least.. if they think thaty they'll skip the update for this costly phone and make 2.2 available on a new phone, we'll not let this happen.
    I'll set samsung office to fire here in my city al least..!!

  • Ural

    Samsung doesn’t care one bit about customers, don’t believe me call them and ask them when the update arrives.

    Considering they state that the galaxy s has a gps, and that its a fact the the use of the gps locks the phone and renders it useless for ten minutes when you are connected through edge, samsung and its partners have providedo a product that doesn’t work. With the Vibrant the situation is even worse, Samsung was.unable to provide a simple cache code to solve the lag issue.

    Samsung has opened its self to a class action suit, and out of all the US telcos, Tmobile which was the first with a Samsung product like the Galaxy S and will be the last with any updates, stands to lose a lot of its little market share.

    Samsung has in the past proven to that it has inferior software standards, as most of the upgrades for the behold and the moment were crippled if they ever came along.

    If you buy a Samsung product you are a fool, stay away from the brand is the best advice. No matter how shiny its products maybe. Otherwise if you purchase a product from them, live with the fact that you will never get support and any upgrades will be late and crippled.

    And if you are Steve crying cry baby, grow up! You act like a six year old.

  • lwalty

    I came across an old article stating Froyo was expected in August. Then, in September. After that, end of September. Now, (maybe) late October. Okay – I can be a little patient, but it’s really not the speed boost that Froyo is to offer, or even the flash support. To me its the ability to use my bluetooth headset to dial out. I can not believe how powerful Android 2.1 is, but it can’t do what my 10 year old Nokia Erricson can do flawlessly. One man said, every engineer at Google developing Android must all take busses. Fiddling with your phone trying to find that contact to make a hands free call on your bluetooth is not just unsafe, but dangerous. Not even saying that in some states it is totally against the LAW to even have your phone out while driving (looking at you Hawaii). COME ON SAMSUNG, GET IT TOGETHER!

  • terry1738

    Good Day All, I cant say I am disappointed with the delay as I am so happy with the phone as it stands the only thing I need fixed is it gets laggey after a few programs are started and I have stop open tasks using a task manager which is no big deal.
    We have put our accounts program on the internet and the SGS is the best phone by far in our fleet to read the data on the screen with. So much so we are dumping over 200 apple iphones and replacing them with SGS.
    I find that people who want an upgrade for something that works fine are never happy with what they have, its more a psychological defect than a necessary requirement .

  • Yogi Bear

    +1 on not wanting Samsung customised Android. Samsung I love your hardware your software sucks! You'd save yourself so much pain and probably a small fortune if you just went with vanilla Android. I hope your update fixes GPS, I can't even get a long on any sats.

  • Sidewinder

    I too purchased a Galaxy S last month. I understand that many users seem to experience problems with it.
    After a few teething problems caused by me trying to run before I could walk, I have to say, this smartphone (read: small pc) is capable of many things.
    My advice to people experiencing problems with it is, LEARN HOW THE THING WORKS BEFORE YOU START SLAGGING IT OFF!!
    Since I have had mine I have scoured the net in depth, finding out all I can about it. Its like any bit of kit. Once its been hacked about a bit and bent towards your way of thinking, anything is possible.
    The main reason I bought mine was to use it as a very small pc for running chat apps etc rather than have them running on my games pc. Being frank, we're talking SKYPE here. Free conversations with all yer skype mates while eating yer Maccy D. YeeHa
    Find yourself a copy of Skype Lite, it is out there, it does work and it dont eat your credit.
    Ask the Dorks @ Skype technical, they wont support it because they want you to use their Skype to go service which means PAYING. lol
    Obviously they're not all that forward thinking after all.

  • lordyas

    I can wait for the firmware but atleast FIX THE DAMN KIES so I could atleast get some apps on my galaxy

  • Rex

    I have not regreted getting the phone at all. So much about this phone is better than what is out there now. If you have used the phone and modified it at all you would see the perfomance and operation of the phone is awesome it does have a few bugs like the gps and lag issues but after Froyo rolls out that is all going to be a thing of the past. My question is the Froyo update for the Galaxy S Series has been pushed back to October, typical Samsung fashion, but they have stated they are working to get the phone issues resolved before updating the Android versions. I know Froyo would be a welcomed upgrade but with Google confirming that Android 3.0 Gingerbread is set for a October release do you think we will see Froyo or you think we will see a push to Gingerbread. One can only hope but with Samsung we can more than likely prepare to be dissapointed and have to wait months to a year for the 3.0 update, or if you follow the pattern of the behold 2 we get empty promises.

  • Jatan

    Well atleast Samsung is not telling people to "shut up" as Apple does when the customers complained about the reception problem.
    Wasn't there a problem with the security in the MMS feature in Iphone Os 3. Took them 2 months to fix it, though they had been warned about it before the launch.
    So there has been a delay. The Galaxy is still flying and delivering what I require. I am waiting happily for the upgrade as it'll enrich it, but why get dissappointed.
    The only thing I will say and agree is that Samsung keeps customers updated. Always helps

  • Xrion

    haha at the people saying the Galaxy S is slow. It uses an upgraded version of the Iphones actual proccessor which "SAMSUNG" made for the iphone… If you are experiencing delays then its what you do with it. mine takes a few seconds to load aps, maybe 2-5 seconds to load/buffer a youtube video. Only issue i have ever experienced with the GT-I9000 is slight stuttering (lag) on ad heavy website pages.

    I've had laptops slower then this XD btw great comment about Gran Turismo 5!

  • anthony

    At lest you lot don’t have a shity x10. It still only has 1.6 and 2.1 anit coming till the end of october! Wish I had a galaxy s!!!

    • Tom A

      That was the sole reason for me switching from X10 to galaxy S. I am happy with 2.1….and like most said, when 2.2 finally comes out, it will be just a bonus to an already amazing phone.

  • Kanee337

    Wow, thanks for that update Woodae. Thumbs up!!!!
    I can't wait for the update.

    BTW, I love my Samsung Galaxy S phone. I installed the One Click Lag Fix and this baby flies!!!!

  • Woodae

    T-Mobile is updating their galaxy S device next week

  • The last update they did for 2.1 sorted out lots of bugs, but would love to finally get the 2.2 update. To be honest the Samsung Galaxy S is the best fone I have ever had!

    Come on Samsung! Get the update pls!

  • Ert

    I'm having McDonalds while I look at my phone coooooool

  • Swoosh

    Samsung need to at least update the lag issue with the phone. This processor should be powning this device but its not. It lags and locks up at least once a week. I have to take the battery out just to fix this. Come on Samsung give us a high end phone and a poor end interface… Just give me a vanilla froyo ffs

  • Simon Lambert

    Ask UK O2 owners what they thought fo their 2.1 update to their Dell Streak (after all 2.1 has been out for ages and ages) – it was a total unmitigated disaster, so whilst I am as impatient as hell for the upgrade I'll just chew my nails hoping delay = Better and not buggy.

    Working in IT I know lots of developers who give wildly optimistic release dates to keep their customer sweet – better to deliver good working code at a realistic date than early crap.

  • Henrique Ferreira

    What the Android gives you (as the iPhone) is that extra layer of leisure you do not have on the BB, like an amazing 4" top quality screen for when you are flying somewhere and want to watch a movie or read an eBook (even Kindle works). So, don't try pratronising us, please. And also gives us access to Calendars, corporate Exchange, etc, etc, as the BB does. I have all those on my Galaxy.

    Even with this slow OS, the Samsung is quite fast. The GPS has problems yes, and sometimes does not start (have to reboot), but when it starts is very fast to pick up satellites, but that also happened with my HTC Cruise and now they say the Desire is very good. Is getting there…
    Companies (in this case products) start, grow, mature and decline. iPhone is mature, Android is starting…got the hint? 😉
    A very happy and patient Galaxy S customer…

  • Henrique Ferreira

    I am a bit disapointed with the delay but nothing much.
    At least I am not like the iPhone fanatics who queued up at convent garden for an iPhone with antenna problems. How much more masochist can you get? LOL!!!
    Jake, you must be an iPhone reseller :-). If you were a buisiness user you wouldn't be talking about social networks…you would have bought a BB which is more than enough for the mainstream buisiness user.

  • damo

    i must admit the galaxy s is slow at everything excluding messaging hoping for update to sort this wish i had kept my x10 call quality was awfull but it was quick.
    but this is samsung they never update there phones always expect you to buy a new handset

    • Mr. Bruce

      Slow??? It´s processor is probably the fastest one on the market at the moment. 1GHz Hummingbird. It´s about 3 times faster then the one in X10. I was going to get the X10 but man I´m a glad that I waited for the Galaxy S. My friend on the other hand bought the X10 and when we compared our phones together he´s so unhappy that he bought the X10. He´s actually trying to sell it to buy the Galaxy S.

      I´m not sure that you bought the real Samsung Galaxy S I9000 if yours is slow. Maybe you bought a Pirate version hohohoho

      • damo

        i understand the processor is faster suppose to be i brought it from phones 4 u so should not be a fake might try the desire hd get rid of galxy s

  • Mark

    I'm a great fans of the Galaxy S and I actually talked some of my friends into buying it over iPhone4. The delay of the 2.2 update is actually hurting Samsung more than to their customers. If they can complete the update by September and shipped 2.2 out of the box, the sales must have at least bumped up a few percent. Now with every seconds passing, their optimistic sales target would be washed away by their own hands.

    Message to Samsung, please hire an army of real talented programmers instead of a full team of cheap monkeys.

  • Mur

    wow people are QQing, SGS is a wonderful phone and the 2.2 update will just make it that much more awesome.
    I am getting better rate than a 2.2 froyo with my 2.1 sgs with lagfix…if you really want the 2.2 update just go and install Cyanogen

    • Be warned, under no circumstance install the leaked Froyo,it is a disaster and will rob you of many hours of your life…by the time you actually figure out how to get the thing running half decently, Froyo will be in the rear view me on this… been there, regretted that…

  • Anon2

    So the Froyo update is not coming till October and then some, its a bit of a kick in the teeth but not the end of the world, I agree Samsung really does need to communicate more with its customers/markets

    I love this phone, Ihave no issues with the phone, no lag or lock ups. I find KIES a bit of a challenge and the GPS fault on the actual phone, seems to be intermittent.

    I use the phone for business and pleasure, battery lasts all day with no problems, not sure what other poster was doing, because the phone comes with a pdf viewer installed, and I have yet to have problems opening an attachment.

    Not holding my breath for 2.2 but it would be nice to get an official update from samsung, the 23/09/10 was a specified date from warranty/repairs in the first place wasnt it.

  • Jim

    I am more disapointed by their disabling the three button download function. This will be the last Samsung device I buy!

  • matt

    You lot are a bunch of muppets!

    I'm an engineer and I understand the demands of well enginered software, its not as simple as taking the latest froyo kernel and wacking Samsung's galaxy upper layers on top, a lot of work in re-writing the upper layers is involved to make everything stable.

    Would you lot rather a buggy not very reliable phone that crashes or hangs all the time just because it runs the latest kernel or one that is proven to work? If you want the latter then wait…. That's the big problem with modern people, they're complete idiots, its all now now now and if not, complain complain complain, get real…. If you understood the complexity in just one small area of the operating system, i.e. Bluetooth control you would understand just how massive a task this is. Now stop complaining like spoilt little kiddies and get on with your lives for a few more weeks using 2.1 which works fine, if not go and buy a desire or an iPhone!!!

    • jon

      Well I'm an engineer too, and I know some companies are better at software than others.

      Samsung are good at hardware, but obviously their software team have not been able to adapt Froyo yet, whereas the HTC and Motorola engineers have. So why shouldn't people complain?

    • John

      While I, too, am an engineer and I agree with the basis of what you're saying, please don't forget that Froyo had been released before this phone even hit the market.

      Further, if you take into consideration how long Samsung had access to the *beta* versions of Froyo, I can certainly understand current Galaxy S phone owners' frustration. This combined with the fact that many of Samsung's competitors — if they haven't already — are imminently releasing their 2.2 updates. A simple and official response from Samsung is probably all that's required to stifle a lot of the angst.

    • paul

      I am no muppet but very annoyed and dissapointed with the la.
      I have tried usng advanced task kiler and automated task killer which has helped and very impressed with improement in battery life. my phone has been on since 7.30am and still running fine and only just got into amber on battery. But i am irritated by the delay when going into contacts or phone calls. if application in memory is ok.welcome any thoughst otherwise i am going to iphone 4.

    • Scott

      Sorry buddy; muppet or not, I'm a consumer. I paid for a phone, and some of those proceeds go to you for your engineering. This would also include updating on a promise from your bosses in a timeline hashed out by your bosses. If you fail, they fail. The consumer moves on to another brand, and I(we)(consumers) win. (Based on other users experiences and sharing thereof, of course)

      You should've engineered a better argument. You get paid to turn that complexity into something tangible. If you're not that good at your job, just admit it. Don't blame everyone else.

    • SlyT

      I'm not an engineer, But I could not have said it better…….I have the epic (got tired of waiting for the Evo) and frankly couldn't be happier with my decision. The current build for the Epic works just fine without bugs or crashes which is what end users should REALLY want, instead of trying to keep up with "the Jones". Keep a smooth running piece running smooth by writing updates that are tested and true!!!!! I'm with you Matt

    • cidalan

      haha… nice one~

    • Derek

      Matt – I couldn't agree more – an analogy – no-one appreciates electricity until something goes wrong and then all they do is complain. Same with solid software code.

  • Me2

    ..and to top it off, there's nothing official from Samsung that there has been a delay.

    I wonder if the Galaxy Tablet and marketing around it having Froyo 2.2 is the factor stopping the update to occur on the Galaxy S. If we have the jailbreakers proving that the stock 2.2 runs fantastically on the Galaxy then a company statement would be appreciated.

    Perhaps they only have one developer working on the phone and he's been on holiday 😉

  • Me

    I’m very disappointed. I think it is about giving the customers what they want, yes the galaxy s is a great phone, but it even greater with the latest update. An other reason why I’m disappointed is because samsung is known for not giving great support to their devices. When you look at htc or motorola with verizon especially, they have been on a roll updating their high end phones because they understand it will be an even greater.experience for their customers. Its just an update it shouldn’t.take 4 months plus.

  • Robbaddoo

    Ive got a ps3 and am a gran turismo series fan. Nuff said…….

  • Jordan Dyckes

    @jake really slow? it's not slow at all, everything happens within seconds; I can play PSX games and it starts instantly apart from loading a rom which takes about 30 – 40 seconds, but thats not bad at all.

    I'm a bit upset not getting an update to 2.2 but I don't want a broken update either, so I'll just wait it out until Samsung are ready.

  • jake

    the samsung galaxy s is a slow incompatible expensive piece of garbage.
    You press on the screen to start an app and you can go make a cup of coffee and come back before anything happens lol!
    No Joke even the jasjam was better to use than this piece of crap.
    The jasjam was faster!
    I mean seriously you cant even receive pdf email attachments lol!
    I was going to sell it but i cant bring myself to do that to someone.
    I wish i had bought a winmobile
    android is only good as a toy for 13 year old girls to go on facebook , twitter and youtube
    Not suitable for a mainsteam business user.

    • darren

      @jake – are you using the same phone? my galaxy s is super quick and i'm looking at a pdf email attachment right now – a large file containing an architectural plan which is extremely clear – much better than previous handsets i've had (iphone 3GS and Blackberry Bold 9700 and better than friend's iphone 4.

      I'm a business user and it does everything I need and more. The only issue I have is the less than perfect GPS – hence I'm disappointed about Froyo delay as I understand this will fix it

    • John

      Actually you do sound a bit like a 13 yr old girl, so whats the problem? But seriously, it has a 1Ghz processor! My apps start within a couple of seconds, I suggest you take your faulty Galaxy back where you bought it and get one that works, and then you will appreciate it. I have read the operating system upgrade is supposed to give a 2 to 3 times speed increase. Can't wait to try it out – but I will.

    • Dan

      mine is fast and reads pdf files. If an update comes out that is going to make it even faster, than that's just a bonus!

    • cidalan

      jake – mann…. do you really use galaxy s or what? 3310? lol .. mine is faster

    • BigT

      Please! My Vibrant is leaps and bounds faster than any phone I've had. Further more, I have compared the Vibrant to other friends phones, ie the iphone 4, Droid Incredible, The Evo 4G, and several others, and I can see very noticable differences, all in favor of my Vibrant. Maybe you just don't know what your doing, or don't understand how to use the phone…

    • Galaxy User

      I think there must be some problem with your phone. Galaxy S is super fast and I am always using it to view pdf files….

    • Mark

      clearly, you've mistaking the phone to something else…..your just a APPLE FANBOY

  • Eden

    Samsung Galaxy S is still one of the best Android smartphones on the market, and not being updated until October won't change that.

    Having said that, Samsung needs to get their act together. Surely giving their customer a more conservative estimation of the update would avoid disappointment instead of pushing back this update at every deadline. Samsung is notorious for its sub-par customer service, and I feel that if this continues, that they stand to lose a large part of their customer base. Particularly since other mobile companies are stepping up their game.

  • nona

    To anon, you can. Just jailbreak it.!

    Mine's going back in favour of the iPhone 4. The phone is fantastic on its own the Kies software is a joke. I have a Vista laptop and W7 64 bit PC at home and the software rarely works with either.

  • Adam

    All I want is for my GPS to actually work. I gave up my iPhone 3G (2 years old) which had a perfectly working GPS for this phone and I can't use such a basic feature. Come on, Samsung. Get your act together.

    • Martin

      Exactly. The GPS issue drives me crazy. At least make the phone work like it says on the box. Improvements can wait but having a phone that claims a GPS but it actually doesnt work is ridiculous.

      • Rob

        You can download the GPS fix update now. Go to settings, then check for updates. Downloaded mine on Wednesday.

  • David

    Samsung's modifications were quite intuitive and the fact we have quick switch options on the notifications bar that other Android phones didn't have is quite cool. We also got swype with 2.1 Galaxy S, also a bonus. I am a bit annoyed waiting, purely because most or all of the other android devices now already have Froyo, and since I can't be the only one experiencing lag, cannot wait to get this on my device given the performance improvements it offers.

    The fact that you can also upgrade your device manually, but this voids your warranty really annoys me… get your act together Samsung/Google…

  • Baxter

    slightly dissapointed it's not coming at the end of september but like some have said above, the handset is already great and there's no problems. it's not like froyo is a prepaid upgrade that is YOURS already. I'm guessing they're holding it back for YOUR benefit.

    Verdict: Great phone – good things come to those who wait

    • Coronel

      The phone is not great. In fact it is laggy as hell at times and has known issue with the rom and wifi. The galaxy s desperately needs froyo to address these problems. I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it hadn’t been developed properly. get on with it samsung……

  • dino

    Samsung had a the chance to prove that they were able to push updates and keep their customers satisfied. +1 for going with HTC in the future. Not impressed Samsung.

    • Hest

      And you think HTC is any better? Talk about the HTC Hero update, then you can really talk about a delay.

      • dino

        pssh. at least they updated it. sasmung has an atrocious record compared with HTC. They didnt even update they behold 2 as they promised. go read a book.

        • Abe2010

          Behold 2 suck it should have been in,the trash al the time

  • anon

    I don't think android hardware vendors should control what version I can have on my tablet or my phone: if I want to upgrade, I'd like to be able to do that myself.

    • Kevin

      Stop crying, you sound like a baby.

      • Shaun

        And you sound like a website troll, do us a favour, leave it out, mkay!

    • Sam

      Err, you know that you can put custom 2.2 roms on your phone or anything else you like it’s very open with a little effort

  • Phil

    If you bought a Galaxy S just because it would be updated in September, than frankly you're an idiot. With all the great features of this phone running Eclair compared with both the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire, the wait for a minor version update shouldn't be a deal breaker.

    Samsung's customisation to the OS provide many of the Froyo features already in the Eclair OS anyway.

    • Kevin


    • You are so wrong… yes, the galaxy running eclair is a thing of beauty,but Samsung's legendary disrespect and greed is a reall disappointment, they can learn a lot from apple, keep your customers happy and they will stand by you…if the Vibrant does not get the froyo before the end of this month…i'm selling mine and will never buy any samsung product as long as I live…samsung need to wise up…

      • Istvan

        Have to agree. The device is awesome as is. Its Samsung’s behavior that makes me mad – lack of communication. We trust them with our money and they can’t even bother to let their customers know what to expect.

    • Mike

      agreed. If you didn't buy it because it was BETTER than an iPhone in almost every respect with Eclair, then you're a twit.

    • Dan

      The problem is though that while other Android firmware devices released a patch for the irritating activesync issue – HTC for example – Samsung didn't and do not intend to do so (according to their support tech). I love the phone, but every time it loses my email config I lose a bit of that enjoyment.

      FroYo has a stock fix for this issue.

    • Bill

      The Galaxy truly is a thing of beauty, but a flawed beauty. Those of us with contract variants (e.g., the T-Mobile Vibrant) are waiting for other very important fixes that are apparently dependent on 2.2 – most importantly to me, the currently useless GPS system and the USB mounting glitches. From the number of frustrated owners grieving on this and other blogs, Samsung should learn a very important lesson that might save their customer base from drying up. That lesson applies across the board – note the inexplicably delayed release of the mobile and desktop docking stations announced in August and still unavailable anywhere.

    • Dave

      It's a deal breaker if 2.1 does not have the features you need to get the job done. I will buy my phone if & when it will do the job & not before. If something comes along in the mean time that has what I need then Samsung will loose a sale. ie If you snooze you loose.

  • Prostheta

    The Galaxy S is a fantastic device as it stands and the FroYo update is a bonus as far as I'm concerned. In that respect, when it arrives it arrives. At least it won't be rushed out of the door, incomplete or patchy.

    I enjoy modifying my Android setup (being open) which is something you can't do with an iPhone.

  • Jon

    I am very disappointed, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S last month on the understanding it would get Froyo in September.

    Of course software is always late … but they've already had several months. The delay is getting ridiculous now.

    Probably it is late because of the customization Samsung are doing. However I don't want this, I would be happier with the standard Google version.

    The alternative I considered was the HTC Desire – I wish I'd bought this instead.

  • Istvan

    I don't regret buying it, but the delay and the lack of communication from Samsung ticks me off…

  • ian roberts

    samsung and google need to get their act together i am still in my 28 day return for my galaxy s and its now going straight back, i think i will stick to the iphone in future.

    • jordan

      Wow cry me a river you cry baby…its still an AWESOME phone

      • pjp

        I rather wait for properly tested software than to end up with the crippleware that Apple gave to my poor old iphone 3g.

    • Breen

      iPhone? Are you a woman or gay male?