RIM BlackPad, BlackBerry Tablet: Enterprise or Consumer?

Yesterday we learned that RIM could unveil their BlackBerry tablet device as early as next week. However, it will not be an iPad or Android tablet rival – this suggests that it is more geared toward enterprise and not the consumer.

According to a recent article written by Jared Newman on PC World, analysts believe that RIM should not bother about consumers and aim for the target market that they already no well – enterprise.

There are those who would like to see the BlackPad target both markets, but this is something that never seems to work. RIM knows a lot about “security and productivity” and not much on “consumption and entertainment” – something that is all too obvious with the BlackBerry Storm.

Businesses want in on the whole tablet market, and this is where RIM will be able to capitalize on. Enterprise users love using their BlackBerry’s for day-to-day tasks, just imagine how easier it would be for them with a touchscreen device with a 9.7-inch screen?

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