PSP2: Should Sony copy Nintendo 3DS Tech?

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2010

We have some interesting details to bring you now, as gaming analyst Michael Pachter has spoken out on the upcoming release of the Sony PSP 2 (or lack of), adding that Sony should copy what Nintendo has done with the 3DS handheld.

When talking in a recent interview with Industry Gamers, Pachter spoke out on his confusion on Sony’s current stance with their PSP platform and wondered if current pricing problems could have affected Sony’s download spiral of PSP sales compared to the DS.

When the PSP2 does come out however, Pachter would like to see Sony incorporate 3D technology with their new handheld as he explains below:

”If the 3DS comes out at $249, the $169 PSP might seem like a bargain. If Sony were really smart, they’d emulate the 3DS and put a 3D screen on the PSP2.”

Considering how seriously Sony are taking 3D gaming on the PS3 with the likes of Killzone 3 and The Last Guardian supporting 3D visuals, a 3D announcement for the PSP2 is certainly not out of the question.

Maybe Patcher has a point for once. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Sony should copy the tech seen in the Nintendo 3DS or come up with something completely different?

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  • nintendolandia

    Sony Will NEVER reach Nintendo, Because Nintendo is the BEST BEST BEST.

  • Mr. X

    People have you forgotten Sony is way advanced then nintendo in fact think back before wii, ps3, xbox 360, psp, dsi, ds, 3ds, NGP/PSP2 there was the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. Sony had ideas that even microsoft and nintendo haven’t thought of yet or avbout to remember the eye toy for ps2 that innovation and people say sony copy of nintendo needs to check their information on sony.

  • peter

    sony makes the suckest games i have never seen and sony copies nintendo and they do suckests and stolen consoles

  • Lunias

    Sony doesn't copy Nintendo, and Nintendo doesn't copy Sony. Nobody copies anybody else. All Sony's competitors are making use of Touchscreens, and now that they finally add it in people say it's "copying Nintendo"! God, you people are illogical.
    First of all, Sony had both 3D AND motion controls that actually worked BEFORE Nintendo; the Move was in development for years, and the Eye Toy used motion controls for the PS2! The PS3 most recently used 3D, whereas the "3D-enabled" Gamecube only used it optionally for Luigi's Mansion.
    As for controls, all current consoles have four face buttons and at least two shoulder buttons (except the Wii), and, besides Sony, every DS system and most smartphones have touchscreens. Sony is just catching up to its competition with this. Besides, who's ever seen or heard of a rear touch pad? Not me. On top of that, Sony's NGP is the first handheld with two analog sticks. Tell me, who did they copy there? Rumble controls are used on every current home console, not just Nintendo's.

    The 3DS uses a Parallax Barrier, which is old technology. It has one analog stick, which is old technology. It has two shoulder buttons, four face buttons, and a touchscreen, which are all old technologies. It has a gyroscope and accelerometer, which are both old tech. The only thing I see "innovative" or "new" with the 3DS is connectivity even when powered down. Both systems have augmented reality and cameras, which were in smartphones long before Nintendo and Sony picked them up.
    The Sony Ecrisson smartphone is the first smartphone designed with face buttons exclusively for gaming. I would consider this the follow-up to the PSP Go; similar shape, similar button arrangement, similar media (downloadable), NOT a smartphone copy. The new smartphone will bring cheaper games to the market; more expensive than Apple, but less expensive than Nintendo. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the NGP and the smartphone both have access to Android game libraries?

    Onto the subject of the 3DS: I could argue that with the single analog stick, motion controls, 3D, downloadable games etc that Nintendo copies other people too, but I'm not stupid enough to say that, because then my entire argument would be pointless. Besides, that's childish. Who cares which console has better controls or graphics? The games themselves are more important than the graphics, or so Nintendo fanboys have consistently upheld, and when you get down to it, 3D is nothing more than graphics. Come on, guys, face it: your arguments are contradictory. If graphics aren't as important as games, then why did the new system flaunt graphics and remakes of games made long ago? They're using the 3D as a gimmick to attract people to spend a bunch of money on remakes of older games; case in point, Star Fox, Street Fighter, Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, etc, whereas the NGP has no games that are old: all games listed have either been developed recently or are completely redone for the new system. Therefore, Nintendo is using old tech and old games to make money while the NGP innovates with new functions of handheld gaming such as the dual analog sticks, 3G connectivity, and the rear touch pad.

  • koolaid

    why does sony have to copy nintendo ideas even if nintendo ideas arent original. thats why i do not respect sony because they want to copy everyone like apple with the sony psp smart phone and now they might want to copy nintendo's idea of 3d glass less


    I mean the PSP2 is obviously powerful enough to run games in beautiful graphics, and in 3D without a drop in playability. The ONLY reason I'm getting a 3DS is because of the glasses-free 3D. In reality, I'd love to play Mortal Kombat and PES on the go, not Paper Nintendo.

    • Spookyd

      PES is a 3DS launch game…
      just because is nintendo it does NOT mean it is for kids…
      there are many serious and violent games coming to 3DS like Call of Duty and Asassins Creed…
      have fun with your 3DS!!! :3

  • Nico

    I like Playstation because I like games.

  • Chrissomerry

    I'd rather they not push for a PSP2 at the moment because I'm only just beginning to get back into my PSP with all these great new games 🙁
    That said, they add backwards compatibility and I'm in (not sure how that'd work if they ever did implement 3d hand held gaming, although if Nintendo manage to get away with it (time will tell), then no doubt Sony would be interested as well.

  • drd7of14

    Back to the point…WHO CARES? I don't care if they do copy eachother. If you want to argue that point, wouldn't you rather just want the best gaming console ever? If they are all the same, then they have to create something new to beat the competition. The main reason I happen to prefer the PS3, is not because I'm a 360 hater. I happen to like 1st party games more the PS3. I don't like the DS because the game library isn't good. I 3D effect isn't going to change my mind. I'm not going to buy it. I would like to see it for interest in the technology and all. I think it's pretty cool to get glasses-less 3D technology out there for a consumer's low-price. If SONY wanted to apply the same technology, who cares? They don't have to. Would you rather want them to have a cool 3D effect or not. I'd say sure if it doesn't do much more to the price. But if it would be more cost-friendly and keep the games quality up by not eating into the processing power, then sure. Otherwise, leave them alone. Don't act like Nintendo is not a business and just loves everyone with their innovative ideas. Where's those classic games I remember. Oh right, they're still there…Spyro, to Ratchet and Clank, to Resistance. Or…Mario, to Mario, to more Mario. Make a new game franchise Nintendo, then I might enjoy you more. It's not about a gimmick, it's about how you use it.

  • drd7of14

    Move has been in development for nearly 10 years since the era of the ps2 …so, who copied who? Get off that point. No one copied anyone, if I am trying to get a company to buy my idea, like the "Kinect" developer, than I'm going down the line. Sony tried it, but it wasn't completely working with what they wanted to achieve. The eyetoy was Sony's test, didn't work so well. There is a future(past) video that shows the development into the Move we know of now.… The second video, of 2004, was on the eyetoy. I believe the first one was as well. Notice it doesn't even use a controller. It recognizes any object with a specific color, much like Hollywood does with green backdrops to make digital effects. Aka…Star Wars…I loved the Wii, or at least Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party 8 and the Wii Fit (Not much else of interest), but it's promises never came through. I sincerely hope that someone gets it right, and just makes a game worth playing. I want a freakin' sword game. Sword games don't work with 1:1 motion sensing. It doesn't work with buttons. I played the Move, Gladiator Duels was promising, but it's not quite there yet. I doubt Kinect will play this dream well, maybe some company will utilize it in a cool way or with the Move. But if it takes a few more years with the next console adaptations, then so be it. I just want to hold a sword.
    P.S.- Do your research before making claims, and if I did miss something, it is my apologies. I definitely attempted my own research. I just figure youtube videos are the easiest way to get the point across. 🙂

  • Octo1

    F u patcher. Sony will copy this even if you didn't come out and say they should. Sony will always copy Nintendo ideas. BTW the parallax barrier is not what is using. They are using the what they used on the GameCube/Virtualboy 3D which is not the parallax barrier.

    • Anonymous

      they are using the parallax barrier. But Nintendo was one of the few people who could master the technology for a cheap price. They started development of the 3DS before 3D was even popular! (Of course, not including the 50's)

    • the guest

      Parallax barrier is the type of screen they're using, not the GPU. While Nintendo didn't invent it, they are indeed the first to apply it to video games. Same with touch screens and motion control and rumble.

  • Marty

    I agree with zenaxe. This is not new tech, but rather old tech with a good marketing campaign behind it. If Sony copy this, they will not be able to produce it at a price point that their customer base wants, the distinguishing point being that Sony products are of the highest quality in design and aesthetics, whereas Nintendo do not try to push for this, and their consoles are comparitively ugly and not built for "quality". Sony knows how to make good tech, and if they want to copy Nintendo, they'll do it better like they've done with the Move. Good luck to them. They can't win this one, but they can regain some market share if they position the PSP2 at a reasonable price point. I hope they don't leave the UMD behind, but don't wish them to add it to the PSP2 (instead opt for an add-on so that backwards compatibility can be maintained). Cheers.

  • zenaxe

    For you guys who think somehow Nintendo is being amazingly inventive and that the 3DS display is somehow "their" technology. FYI, the 3DS uses a display that employs a technique called a "parallax barrier" which allows each eye to see a different image.

    This tech is not new and it wasn't invented by Nintendo, it's currently deployed in a number of places already (medical image, high end vehicle nav systems (i.e. 2010 Range Rover) and Sharp manufactures displays for general use.

    It's like a high precision version of the 3D postcards they used to sell when I was a kid. The only clever thing Nintendo did was get a contract setup so that they could get them manufactured cheaply enough to mass produce them for a low priced tech piece like the 3DS.

  • Stretch

    Sony has always copied nintendo which shows their lack of creativity and unless they start to break this trend they will always be inferior to Nintendo. I have very little respect for Sony for adding no innovaiton with the move. Even tho it might be more precise, it doesn't add any distinguishable features.
    But besides the everything that's happened in the past, going 3d on hand helds definitely seems the way to go and tho it might look bad on Sony again to follow nintendo so closely, it's probably the right move. I mean, if they decided to use glasses where nintendo doesn't then I don't think they would succeed at all.

  • MRClarke

    And how many more times can sony copy Nintendo?

    Considering TOPIC is about SONY COPYING NINTENDO……….

    – Standard 4 face buttons
    – Analogue Control
    – Shoulder buttons
    – Rumble feedback
    – Motion gaming

    Yet to copy
    – Touch screen gaming (Apple already copied)
    – Auto-Stereoscopic Gaming

    As Satoru Iwata once said, "The history of the entertainment business, is the history of immitation".

    People who blast Nintendo for not providing FPS after FPS after FPS after FPS after FPS….
    Go ahead and enjoy your lack of variety, and when SONY releases NINTENDO TECH, you will think its cutting edge and new.