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PS3’s Playstation Error 80023017: PSN Maintenance, Tips For Sony

A few days ago Sony updated its PS3 firmware to version 3.50, which gave PlayStation 3 users full 3D Blu-ray support. The update started well, that was until PSN went down. Users were met with PlayStation Error 80023017; upon further research this error code means that PSN is undergoing maintenance.

At first users were not aware that PSN planned this and thought that Sony’s servers were having an issue – you could just imagine the response that not only us but PlayStation forums were getting.

Going back to our original post where we reported the news that PSN was down, it did not take long for our users to offer Sony their tips on how to go about this the next time. We know that Sony took PSN down while most users were at work in the U.S., but being down for so long angered so many users.

One reader did say that Sony had informed us days before that there was to be a scheduled maintenance, which will always return the error code 80023017. His tip to other PlayStation Network users was to add PlayStation to their Facebook and Twitter friends that way they will be kept informed of future updates.

Although these users were trying to offer what they thought were tips, to be fair they all thought that it was an issue with the update, but we do still wonder why PSN was down for so long? If you can offer any tips for Sony, then please do so below.


  • jack Mccarrison

    great its down again. Anyone got it to?


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