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PS3 Jailbreak: Dreamcast / SNES Emulation doing basic tasks

Over the past few weeks the whole topic of jailbreaking has become bigger than ever, as more people have been unlocking their devices to unleash the true power of their iPhone, PS3, Android smartphone etc. For those who do have a jailbroken system, then you will be interested to learn that Dreamcast and SNES emulation has now been ported.

There are those of you who will wonder what is so great about this, but old school gamers will know how much of a big deal this is. The Snes9x port is not finished and still needs some work, that’s because Paul Miller from Engadget explains that a few key features are missing.

The story that originally came from both PSX-Scene and drk||Raziel’s blog also points out that the Dreamcast emulator is also in its rough stage and still has a long way to go. Things like this always have to start somewhere, but the early signs show that the Dreamcast and SNES emulator looks promising.

For those who have yet to jailbreak their Sony PlayStation 3, we would like to know if great features like this would persuade you to change your mind?


  • disgusting jew

    General Tsuo's chinken? CHINK-en? poooooooooooontang!

  • Mookie

    ?Dreamcast/Sega Saturn. I have an ASSLOAD of genuine /American/Japanese games Id like to play in HD. GENUINE..not burns..not ISOs..just as all the other REAL games I would play off my HDD.those who say this is purely piracy are speaking out of their ASS.

  • Best_represent_foo

    @ Mark

    Piracy is what happens off the Somali coast. I think you're referring to something called "copyright infringement."

    Emulating hardware is not to be conflated with robbing seafaring vessels of precious booty, nor is it to be confused with an illegal act. Have you heard of Parallels? VMWare? VirtualBox?

    And for the record, jailbreaking devices is perfectly legal.

  • BaconChin

    not if you rip the bios files from your own console and you own the original games.

    Although its true this wont be the case for many, whats the big deal if people infringe on close to 20 year old snes games. Most copyright owners dont even care to the extent that they are not bothering to take action against the hundreds of sites that openly host snes and even dreamcast images.

  • olly

    mark, stop being suck a weiner!

  • Mark

    OK, Engadget and PR both condoning piracy… Nice.. Expect the lawyers to be in contact soon. Lets not forget emulation is also piracy too…


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