Netflix PS3 App: US PSN Release Update

By Gary Johnson - Nov 18, 2010

We told you back in July about the Netflix update which allows you to watch Netflix movies on your PlayStation 3 without the need for a disc. The streaming movie service is now available for PS3 owners in Canada without the need to insert the Netflix disc every time.

Jim Reilly of IGN is reporting that users in Canada can watch an unlimited amount of TV episodes and movies for only $7.99 per month. The service can now be accessed directly through the PS3’s cross media bar. A French language option is also planned to be released soon.

Unfortunately PS3 Netflix users in the US will still have to continue to insert a disc every time they use the service until the instant-streaming app launches next month. Are you looking forward to the update?

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  • Sarmad

    For once Canada gets better service than the US.

  • darkbridger

    I've had more than enough problems with that stupid disc. I actually haven't watched a netflix movie on my ps3 in the last 3 months because of it, and I'm tired of adding/removing my PS3 from my Netflix account….. so hopefully this fixes all of those issues, and I can stop connecting my laptop to my TV for netflix movies.

  • Sherm

    I have the Wii, Xbox and PS3. Thusfar the Xbox has been the only one that can play Netflix without a disk. I bought the bought the PS3 pretty much to view entertainment such as Netflix so the new streaming app will be very much welcomed.

  • PS3wannaBe

    I'm looking forward to streaming without the disk but I have to say. Streaming netflix through the PS3 is a huge plus on the media bandwagon it already has going for it. I don't have cable and haven't for over a year. I have a lot of catch up to do which is great with Netflix.

  • Ryan

    Looking forward to it. My Watch Instantly disc just sprouted the dreaded gold ring which prevents the disc from even loading. My replacement disc should be here tomorrow.

  • VinTheDean

    Oh yes. It's a little annoying having to get up and put the disc in.

    In the same breath, I am glad that PS3 owners had the opportunity of having Netflix on their Console. Which is the only reason why I even have a netflix account today.