MV Agusta F3 First Pictures Released

Pictures of MV Agusta’s new F3 have been picked up by Hell For Leather, seen out testing the bike is said to share a lot of its F4 big brothers styling.

The new F3 is rumoured to have a smaller capacity unit compared to the 998cc mill in the F4, although not confirmed the chances are that it will be either a 600 or 675cc. Horsepower figures would just be a guess, but it’s safe to say that it will be pushing out enough to mark it as a serious contender within the supersport market.

Back to the styling, the F3 looks very much like the F4 with the same small taillights and tiny headlight. It is possible that the bike caught in the pictures is wearing pre-production panels, but also a possibility that this is the look of the final design.

As of yet MV Agusta haven’t confirmed that the F3 will make production, it could be that the company is teasing us with a few snaps just to stir up some interest. If you want to check out the pictures head over to Autoblog, and if you want to see the F3 in your garage start pestering MV Agusta to start building it.

Source: Autoblog



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