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iPod Touch 4G SUPREME Fire 24ct Gold Edition

The likes of Apple, Nintendo, Nokia and RIM work hard to get the design right for their devices, then you get a designer like Stuart Hughes to come a long and make them better – well that’s what some of you believe. The latest device to get the Hughes treatment is the new iPod Touch 4G, which is called the Supreme Fire 24ct Gold Edition.

The designer seems to love both gold and diamonds, you only have too look at the “Apple iPhone 18ct Gold Edition”, “24ct Gold iPhone 4” and the “Nintendo Wii SUPREME” to understand what I am talking about.

The new fourth-generation iPod Touch is finished in 24ct gold, with the Apple logo having 53 Flawless diamonds inset. The navigation button also has diamonds inside, and as you would imagine adds some more weight to the device.

The limited edition PMP comes at a price though – £209,995. Not certain how many units will be sold, which is why only two have been made. Would you pay the price for this device?



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