iPhone 4 iOS Vs Windows Phone 7 OS: Which one is better?

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2010

For those of you who are seriously considering picking up a Windows Phone 7 device next month, we have found a great video for you to check out now, which compares the WP7 OS with the mighty Apple iOS.

The video comes to us courtesy of Pocket-Now, who have given us the perfect way to find out if Windows Phone 7 can really compete against Apple’s iPhone. For some of you, you may have already decided to pick up a WP7 device at launch, but for the majority of phone owners – the jury is still out.

It is important to note that the video shows a Windows Phone 7 device which isn’t the final build, so any criticisms mentioned in the video may be sorted in time for launch – which we now know is next month.

PocketNow has focused their video on how the homescreen looks to the user and how the iPhone 4 and WP7 handsets differ to each other. Windows Phone 7 looks to win the homescreen battle, as it will let you create custom tiles and features live updates on some tiles, unlike the iPhone 4 which will just list pages and pages of apps (unless you’re jailbroken of course).

However, when it comes to fast-app switching, the iPhone 4 is the clear winner, as switching between phone and settings menus as seen in the video is not a problem at all. But since WP7 does not have multitasking, the user will have to return to the homescreen and open each app separately, which may be a huge turn off for some users.

Both phones have their strong points, but which device do you think is better, based on the features discussed in the video?

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  • Joe

    Who was in charge of the graphics for this? The sixth grade class at the all girls elementary school? And the Calendar? You have got to be kidding. Apple has “jumped the shark”. Anyone want to buy my iPhone 4S? I’m bailing out. Android here I come. And same with my iPad. The new MS tablet is looking mighty fine…….

  • Maheshan

    Ohh!!!! Forget the old updates. As you all must be knowing MS is a fast moving to grab the market & I am sure it will not let such basic features away from their new OS. So just check out the new features out there at:

    Copy paste is already out there as free web update.

    And update for quick switch between apps will also be soon provided.

    Apple & Android will be in trouble soon, sure, though they are great, they lack the massive application development support as MS have in their Desktop App development. So I am afraid that the things that had happened with MS Win Desktop OSs will happen with its WP7. It will engulf the market.

    Wish Apple & android to come with something great to compete MS.

  • Bdiggy

    I think the interface/metro design concept of the Windows Phone 7 is very sexy and compelling to a gen x'er or a gen y'er, however, give this phone to someone older and the UI is not intuitive enough. It's difficult to grasp, they get frustrated and lost. The way it stacks content, like a browser window, becomes annoying when having to press the back button over and over, and the user never quite understanding how to get back to the other app they were in. I feel that with a bit more time and a few more iterations, this could be a very profound UI. I do think that as far as appearance goes, Apple and Android will have to rethink their UI's a bit to be as sexy as the Windows phone, however, I'm sure whatever UI tweaks Apple produces next will be sexier and more intuitive than whatever Microsoft does, ever.

  • jrock

    Steve.. first how can someone take anything you say as a fact when you can't even spell. You would think you would use you "crapple" to spell check. Win phone will hold it's own and then some. And with 4 years work of tweaks and updates will be ten times what ios is..

  • Fanboi

    I didn't quite get the point about app-switching: isn't hitting the Back button good enough to switch back to the home screen or the previously used app?

  • Steve

    I think people don't unterstand the weakness of WP7. This is untested, feature less, and weak designed product, and will change nothing on mobile market. For all those that miss their counterpart of Winblows but with mobile soul, will be sodisfied as they are sodisfied with crappy desktop version. Cmmon people, don't be such a nubs to compare the 4th generation of iPhone/OS with supercharged performance to craply designed WP7 …. this is a highly bloated news and column. You want to compare a rocket with stone age vehicle …. cmmon@!

  • Parry

    The Windows Mobiles are there in industry since ages, the real issue with WinMO was slow ness of the device and hang. the first and in my opinion the BIG step MS took with WP7 was enforcement of strict Hardware guidelines. another nice approach was vendors write applications and submit them to MS, MS test them and release it to Market place which is in control of MS again, little late but in MS's case better late than never. Now Apple = Fancy products, Android = Speed. WP7 in my opinion has both and hence I think this approach will make WP7 a huge success.

  • Singaroo

    I think the WP7 lauch will change the way mobile landscape. Right now it seems Android and iPhone needs to pull up there sleeves and come with something which can compete with WP7. Good for all of us as consumers.

  • MAO

    hmm comparing a TEST Windows Phone 7 unit that's not ever going to be a production unit and the software wasnt finalized at the time of the test against an iphone that is the final version is a little bias. why dont you wait until there are actual WP7 units out with the final software to actually do a real test.

  • Is task switching on Iphone really that much faster or neater??? you have to double tap the center button and maybe scroll through some apps, then select one! On the window phone, you tap the home button and then maybe have to scroll as well and then select the app!! Does that not sound similar!

  • Robin

    Looking at this video,

    It becomes apparent that you need to negotiate through a minimum of 2 whole screens to access basic information: e.g. emails, Facebook update, call details, calendar schedule appointments.

    The information/user-centric approach could be deal breaker to those who are bored with the old and tired looking App-centric way of doing things.