iPhone 4 iOS Vs Windows Phone 7 OS: Which one is better?

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2010

For those of you who are seriously considering picking up a Windows Phone 7 device next month, we have found a great video for you to check out now, which compares the WP7 OS with the mighty Apple iOS.

The video comes to us courtesy of Pocket-Now, who have given us the perfect way to find out if Windows Phone 7 can really compete against Apple’s iPhone. For some of you, you may have already decided to pick up a WP7 device at launch, but for the majority of phone owners – the jury is still out.

It is important to note that the video shows a Windows Phone 7 device which isn’t the final build, so any criticisms mentioned in the video may be sorted in time for launch – which we now know is next month.

PocketNow has focused their video on how the homescreen looks to the user and how the iPhone 4 and WP7 handsets differ to each other. Windows Phone 7 looks to win the homescreen battle, as it will let you create custom tiles and features live updates on some tiles, unlike the iPhone 4 which will just list pages and pages of apps (unless you’re jailbroken of course).

However, when it comes to fast-app switching, the iPhone 4 is the clear winner, as switching between phone and settings menus as seen in the video is not a problem at all. But since WP7 does not have multitasking, the user will have to return to the homescreen and open each app separately, which may be a huge turn off for some users.

Both phones have their strong points, but which device do you think is better, based on the features discussed in the video?

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