Google TV: New Release Date Rumors – Looks Likely

By Jamie Pert - Sep 23, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that Apple may soon start shipping the second generation Apple TV units, now we have come across a possible release date for Google TV.

Recently a Best Buy internet document showed up on Engadget, this document says “the launch of GoogleTV that was planned for 10/3 has been pushed back 2 weeks”, which perhaps means that GoogleTV will launch on October 17th.

Best Buy are an official partner of Google TV, therefore you would have thought that they will be amongst the first retailers to offer Google TV compliant devices, so this could well be the release date that Google are now aiming for, at the moment however we have not heard any official confirmation therefore we must take this as a rumor.

This launch date is later than some expected, however it still fits in with the fall 2010 release date that we spoke about previously.

Source: Engadget

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