Fired Over Facebook Post of Bikini Clad Women

We have found that time and time again Facebook users have been posting stuff on their profile page that end up getting them fired. Back in August we listed 13 different reasons why people were fired from their jobs for stuff that they put on the social networking site, but a police officer showing bikini clad women on the hood of his patrol car has to be the best.

However, it seems that one of the women in the photo could also lose her job over the photo. The individual was taking part in a bikini car wash fundraiser, called ‘Tits n Tats.’ According to CBS News she is a deputy for the Berkeley County sheriff.

The case has since being handed over to the sheriff’s office to see if she has broken any law by taking part in the fundraiser. However, according to the tattoo studio owner who organized the event, he said that he had did nothing wrong, he also added, “There was nothing illegal.”

As Facebook keeps growing the more people will do stupid things, many of you will think that posting images as well as saying things on your profile is all harmless fun, but there are always consequences. There are those who believe that you should not lose your job for posting things on Facebook, what do you think?



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