Facebook Down: Service Unavailable – DNS failure

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2010

We have been getting reports that the social network site Facebook has been experiencing problems. It seems as if the site keeps coming up then going down with the message saying Service Unavailable – DNS failure.

I went on a few moments ago and Facebook was down, then tried again and it came back up. We are not certain what it going on, but we do know that the 500 million plus users will not be happy.

Huffington Post reports that DownRightNow said that service disruption” is “likely.” However, we are not certain what is causing the issue. I have had a number of my friends who live in different parts of the world contact me to ask if it was down for me as well – so we know that it is happening in other countries as well.

This is the second time in as many days that Facebook has been down; only yesterday Mashable reported a disruption due to a “third party networking provider.” We wonder if this is the same or a separate issue? Is Facebook down for you?

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  • trisha

    tried to log on to face book … Service Unavailable …. not happy … USA … Florida ….

  • cj

    in my case, my acoount is temporarily unavailable but my brother can access his t.. same computer..
    i ve tried to login to a different area and different computer.

  • karen

    down here too, in malaysia. whole morning. grrrrrr

  • karen

    down for me here too, in malaysia. the whole morning… grrrrrrrr

  • Down now and has been all morning. Cambs, UK.

  • FBFan

    Looks like its down again….

  • chaco

    I'm in Japan and it's down too.

  • David Parks

    I've had lots of problems over the last few weeks connecting from Vietnam. First I couldn't get on using the DNS of the local provider, so I started using Googles DNS servers, fixed it until today. Now googles DNS providers also give me an IP that finds facebook unavailable. I think it's DNS because the first time I hit this I got different results from the DNS servers in veitnam than I did from google. This second time around I'm just throwing my hands up.

  • Gogga

    off in Namibia aswell

  • Graham

    here we go again!!

  • rissa

    Wow…can't believe facebook being down was seen as article worthy…the world is going downhill

  • Nellie Flingboyster

    Up, then down. Up then down. worse than a stud farm. Come on Facebook !

  • s.m.c

    Ack! It's the Equinox Attack! j/k Poor facebook. Mine came back up, but is verrry slow

  • Raed

    Facebook is back now, from dubai

  • PolitiZilla

    I've been reading a lot of articles about this outage and some of the comments to them are hilarious!

  • Jonathan

    Down for me in Linz, Austria for the last hour or so. Not so much as a peep. Lot's of DNS errors.

  • Johan

    Yip in South Africa also FAILURE. Is now 22:45 pm. I thougt it was my phone. Hehe!

    thanx 4 ths topic.!!

  • kris

    come on fb sort it out pls. i got rent to collect in millionaire city lol/ anyone know what a dns failure is

  • Lynn

    Down in the Netherlands too.

  • Christian Grammer

    Works fine on my HTC Desire, but not on the pc, and hasn't done for the last 40 mins¬

  • Pete

    Down in Germany as well as in Dubai (checked with a friend).

  • inked_miss

    Facebook seems to be working ok now

  • deedi

    down in Germany

  • Jana

    My business profile is fine. I can only get to my private profile via iPhone though. Strange.

  • mahmood alam

    I think some link is creating this DNS problem.

  • nessy

    happend also here in Morocco and in Tunisia

  • Shellsea Gonzalez

    Ive been trying for awhile now ! . I called my friends and i asked if there's was working .. But they have the same answer , Its not working in US ! :/

  • Nanashi

    Down here in Finland as well.

  • Lloyd

    i'm in uk and facebook is down but i can get on facebook mobile on my phone

  • Warez

    Facebook is working at the moment (23:06) in Hungary.

  • Mireille

    Down here in Holland too. Since approx. an hour

  • gplayers


  • Kiba

    Down here in London

  • jose+maria

    down in the netherlands too

  • p3nnypots

    FB not working in Israel either 🙁


    has been happening to me:-(

  • DNS Failure in Russia too

  • debbie

    yep fb is down here to it's working on mobile but not on pc

  • anthony

    its back up for me!!

  • wyse

    still down @ 2:00 pm PST

  • Katie

    it was down about 10 mins ago, and now it's working for me, but I can't get any of the apps to load.

  • Spanteg

    Lucky we still have Tumblr. 🙂

  • Jenny

    Down here in Lincolnshire UK too 🙁

  • lula

    Yes it's been down all evening for me in wales but works fine on my phone??

  • Jasmine

    Down in ontario also!!

  • Chrisprols

    yep. down in France (Rouen) as well from my laptop on Ubuntu via Firefox.

  • tracey dalton

    my facebook been down for nearly 2 hours now the same last pm very annoyed as i live in ireland and its my way of chatting and keeping up with friends and family in the uk a fed up facebook user

  • BGCR

    Down int he UAE

  • annonomous

    oh noooo the world has ended i gotta find sheter

  • sirwallis

    down here in dublin ireland too

  • Zee

    Down in Pakistan

  • Kosova

    down for me too here in Kosovo

  • Laura Jayne

    Lol the worlds going crazy!!! whats happening weird stuff eh? I'm not even getting on the mobile app for facebook

  • deedi

    same in Germany, down !!!!!

  • brizzie

    It's down in Australia too…. I wonder if steve z did this to whip up some controversy…. all those stupid farmvilles going to fallow lol

  • ajx

    grrrr im not happy………. sort it out facebook!

  • badger

    off all night…………..

  • jason

    Lol Imagine if this was the 'end of face book' . We all would get alot more done around the house. But it would also really suck to have drive around to stalk people

  • Ty Smith

    facebook is not good (N)
    when will we be able to use it again by today ??????

  • slickshoes023

    Its down here in India 2, it works on and off my iphone

  • michelle

    down for me too

  • tracey dalton

    my facebook has been down since 8:15pm nearly 2 hours now the very same happened last pm its getting tto the point where im running 3 laptops and getting nowhere with fbook might have to find a different social network site

  • kegan

    this facebook is redicilus

  • saif2k

    FB down in UK, life seems so incomplete without it!

  • rhiann

    still down how long does it take? was on not long ago uk aylesbury

  • anthony

    down in the caribbean!!!trinidad to be precise

  • msa

    Down here, in Palestine

  • wzed132

    down in houston still..

  • dotty

    a no go in Aberdeen too

  • Johannes

    for me too here in sweden :-/

  • No funcioNo funciona facebook
    un mensaje de error "Service Unavailable – DNS failure " D: na facebook
    Peru :S

  • mrdoubleu

    down in germany as well, trying to log in for 30 minutes

  • alex

    Its down for me to and i leave in Louisiana

  • keyoz

    Down in Germany as well… what do we do now? is there a life without fb?

  • kristie

    Down here in Central California… Wont work Via Phone Apps Or Pc's! Ugh!

  • nicole

    not workinh here to in adelaide but can get it on my phone

  • jonny

    its the hackers i bet

  • Boss Lady

    Down for me to!

  • Fransisco Rinaldi

    that's right, we hit peak oil and now facebook. get ready for Armageddon.

    • Fransisco Rinaldi

      down in New Orleans currently.