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Civilization 5 Problems and Tips: Freezing, Errors and Crashing Continues

Ever since 2K Games launched its newest installment of the Civilization series – latest being “Civilization V” – we’ve been hearing about PC performance issues and problems such as the game freezing.

According to Stephen Johnson over at other problems that have been reported include an out of memory error, Civ 5 intro movie problems and the 5009 : 0x8000ffff error code.

However there are fixes for these problems, and the website has a few listed. For example, one easy step would be to make sure you have all the drivers updated.

As for the 5009 : 0x8000ffff error code, try and clean your temp folder first. If that fails to work you will then have to fix Corrupted Install Shield files.

You can do this by deleting or renaming the IsProBE.tlb file, which is found by going to C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime, and try re-running the install.

To view more on the problems, tips and fixes, visit Have you experienced any problems with Civilization 5 or discovered any fixes, if so what are they?



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