Civilization 5 Problems and Tips: Freezing, Errors and Crashing Continues

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 23, 2010

Ever since 2K Games launched its newest installment of the Civilization series – latest being “Civilization V” – we’ve been hearing about PC performance issues and problems such as the game freezing.

According to Stephen Johnson over at other problems that have been reported include an out of memory error, Civ 5 intro movie problems and the 5009 : 0x8000ffff error code.

However there are fixes for these problems, and the website has a few listed. For example, one easy step would be to make sure you have all the drivers updated.

As for the 5009 : 0x8000ffff error code, try and clean your temp folder first. If that fails to work you will then have to fix Corrupted Install Shield files.

You can do this by deleting or renaming the IsProBE.tlb file, which is found by going to C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime, and try re-running the install.

To view more on the problems, tips and fixes, visit Have you experienced any problems with Civilization 5 or discovered any fixes, if so what are they?

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  • George

    I am having a problem after I install the game I get an error message that says, “The installation at 0x7745e066 referrenced memory at 0x00000044. The memory could not be read. Then the only choi0ce it gives me is to close the program. Does anyone know what I have to do to correct this problem??

  • mozart

    PLEASE HELP! My game works OK, doesnt crash or give any error messages,BUT…
    during the game, when i make peace for 10 turns with someone after these 10 turns i ant attack him anymore.Even 60-70 turns after that deal we cant get in war.Please help me .

    • jay

      Screw you for having a working copy!


  • Brian Bentley

    Freezes often,runs slow, takes a long ti9me to start up, and now the cursor doesn't match up with the screen on occasion and I( have to reboot. If this game was not so buggy I would love it but I have yet to get through a whole game before something bad happens. Too bad, but I feel ripped off:(

  • CIV FAN Disappointed

    Well at least the forum makes me feel better at how frustrated it has been trying to enjoy a game that up to this round (V) I've enjoyed.

    It is AWFUL. From the opening movie (can't hit ESC enough to stop it) to the freezes, etc.

    So now I move on to another game………I read it earlier, I'll be downloading PRIOR to buying anymore CIV games…..

  • KapitanMuahaha

    I got this game for Christmas and thought it was awesome. It then began freezing and crashing. My system meets or exceeds the minimum requirements (it’s a Dual Core not a Quad) so I thought it was time to blow out Windows and start over. Did that, updated everything and the game would play for a bit then crash.

    Now, I’ve found forums like this from people like you having the same issues I am. I paid $70.00 for this game. It crashed my system so bad I had to take it in to a shop to get it fixed (yes, I’m not super computer savvy).

    I love the Civ series. I’m not fond of pirating stuff but the more I encounter things like this it really makes it hard for me to want to support companies that put out stuff like this. Maybe it would have been better to get a pirated version of this game first before shelling out $70.00 (okay more than that cuz I had to pay to get my comp. fixed) for a game that is crap!

  • Jerry

    I've given up on Civ 5 entirely. I've been trying to get 2K Games to refund me for the past several weeks, and will keep harrassing them until they do. They told me to take it back to the store for a refund – of course the store won't do that, because they games works as badly as it was designed to work, all they'll given me is an exchange for another copy of the game, like that will solve the problem. I suggest that everyone who's had enough, get on the bandwagon and start harrassing them for a refund. Eventually, they'll either give it to us or finally make the game playable (if that's at all possible).

  • Hannodb

    Ok. First of all, this is a great game. If it wasn't, I would've stopped playing it after the second crash BUT…….

    1) What's up with this Steam crap?? Why am I forced to install this software I DON'T WANT in order to play this game? I say drop it! I want Civilization, not Steam

    2) What's up with the intro movie? Why do I have to hit Esc a hundred times before it skips it? This is the first game I've played with that problem.

    3) Crashes crashes and more crashes. (And no, don't you dare point to my monster machine that can play CitiesXL with full graphics. I payed a fortune for this thing) Honestly, dudes!!! People are PAYING you for writing PROPER code!

    4) This so called "patch" that came in December, is a joke. It completely ruined the game. What's up with the denounciation cascade? How are you suppose to improve relationships when NOT A SINGE civ is willing to accept even a gracious offer? How did QC not pick this up? DO you even HAVE quality control??? You might as well have removed the diplomacy screen altogether, and called it an "improvement"!!!


    This game WOULD'VE been great, IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! I guess, next time I get the urge to play Civiization, I'll install the previous version again.

  • Bresken

    My Civ 5 keep gettin the error message " Windows encountered a problem and have to shut down blablahblah" randomly , so have to quicksave often since the autosaves saves in every 10 rounds i think..its super annoying!!!!!!!! Takes time to restart the game every 15mins plus the game experince sucks when interupted like this:(

  • doc v

    steam sucks so bad…. bought this game for my kid… now its christmas night…. trying to get the game running… wont even boot…. FREAKIN HATE STEAM…. if i had know this was on STEAM…. we would have avoided this Civi even though we are LONG time fans of the game

  • Dipsy

    I was dumb enough to download Civ V through Steam and D2D. What a piece of crap! I have never tried so hard to get a game to run on a newer pc… It seems that i paid just to see a black box ( sometimes ) I have updated all of my drivers and I still get a frozen black box when I try to run this load of sh–!

  • nick

    yea when i play i cant even read the words that are anywhere….. i can read nothing in the game at all

  • Kerry Fox

    Like some others have stated this is the last time i pay for one of their games. PERIOD!
    I think ill go back to replaying civilization call to power even though they got sued by sid meyers and had to give up their better version of the game and possible future they could have brought to us.

  • Kerry Fox

    I have given this game several months of effort and patience.
    I am a LONG time civ fan from back in the day when we moved our covered wagons around to found cities.
    This game is the most frusterating game ever! I have not been able to finish a single game yet.
    After playing on prince mode for several weeks with no problems, (except trying to reload old save would cause crash), steam released new patch (automatic cant opt out), and my game is now garbage. Happiness went from 28 to 0. Money from deals doesnt show up or shows up as negative income. I will now have to start from beginning again because game doesnt seem to recognize anything from before (like happiness from bldgs, extra money from banks/markets etc…etc…etc…) I tried an experiment and bought out a couple of happiness bldgs and sure enough they show up in the green but all the old bldgs and things i built prior to the patch are not having any effect.
    I do believe a lot of problems with this game have to do with steam and think the whole civ development team needs their collective arses kicked for killing my long time interest in civilization.

  • Bob

    My PC is new and completely capable by its specs. I cannot even get the game to run. Steam tries to launch it, and nothing happens. 3 days now trying to even play the game. this Steam thing absolutely stinks. I can't imagine buying another game on this platform, and I'm considering just returning Civ5, which I can't believe I'm saying.

  • will

    it sucks work even start up

  • Djedefre

    Also, when you unistall the game it DOES NOT uninstall steam. In case you have other steam games I was told. I suppose they assume that EVERYONE will have multiple steam games. They could easily allow the steam stuff to be an option for those who like to play online, but 2K chose not to allow it that way.

    In addition, if steam has a major problem (class action lawsuit and court order to shut down for example) and becomes permanently unavailable you (and who knows how many others) will not be able to play your steam games (the ones you paid money for) because steam is required for authentication and they have no backup for all of that, and are not (by thier own admission in thier customer agreements) required to. Heads up again all.

  • Djedefre

    Also, lots of bugs, and to boot, steam (through the firewall ports you are required to have open for install) makes your computer try to send information back to them. To tell steam when/where you are playing CIV 5 maybe? Firewall logs indicate this. The ports used did not appear on the logs prior to CIV 5 install and attempted traffic through them stopped when I uninstalled steam. Why would steam want information from gamers? For marketing maybe?? I was told by 2K games that they do not believe that is sufficient reason to for steam to want to collect information. No? Really? Since marketing generates revenue, I would guess that it is. Steam collecting computer information from gamers via CIV 5 and other games?? It is possible, heads up all.

  • Djedefre

    I have several issues:
    Lazerus & Gary, I also feel no need to be obligated to maintain a relationship with Steam or any other internet company in order to play ANY game in private with family or the AI. To prevent piracy I was told. Riiight, ALL anti piracy methods have always worked, (snicker) this is no different. How would this prevent piracy, assurance that 2 places are not using the same authentication code at the same time I was told. How do they know this? The steam requirement makes playing the game no longer private in my opinion. What idiots made these decisions? Not CIV gamers despite 2K games' insistance to the contrary. Less strategy and more animation? Of course. That is what online gamers want, not everyone. They could have included 2-3 graphics levels to suit players preferences, but they chose not to do it that way. It would cost more I was told. I consider steam 'cancer' (unwanted malignant growth) on the game. I also want my money back.

  • Gary

    I too have serious problems with this game. The Steam component is something I didnt want but the pos wont run without it. Game freezes and seems to have fewer strategic options than past versions. But more animation. What idiots made these decisions?
    This game is a rip off.
    I want a refund. Maybe we need a class action lawsuit to get their attention.

  • Bob

    I just hope more patches come out for the damn thing. Plus I want more civs!

    • djedefre

      Doubtless more civs will be included with future expansion packs you will have to buy.

    • Hannodb

      The last patch that brought in "denunciations" actually made the game worse. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

  • Bob

    Here is what I used to fix Civilization V

  • ssddbsad

    I've gotten to the point I'm sick of playing this game. I get really far in the game many times. It keeps crashing when I'm trying to either conquer every civ or even trying to load it. Core i7 920 6GB DDR3, ATI 4770. And all drivers are up to date.

  • dsdssss

    If I play the game my PC always crashed. WTF??


    I'm playing right and a city state just declared war on itself and their units are killing each other. wtf?

    • randomguywhowalkedin

      thats kinda funny, most likely another glitch or "civil war" easter egg.

      i have this problem too. it keeps freezing on me. the only game i have that does anything similar is the extremely crappy WWII mod for civ 4….

  • Travis

    This is the worst Civilization game ever..So many @%@%$ problems! Compatibility issues.. runs slow.. What a waste of money!

  • Michael

    Problems ??? That's to say the least! This sucks. Big time.

  • yut0811

    I just called support and it is an easy fix. Follow these steps and it should run fine if you are using directx 11.

    1. Click start menu
    2. Click my documents
    3. Click my games
    4. Click Sid Meier's Civilizaton 5
    5. Open the file named GraphicsSettingsDX11
    6. Scroll down to bottom of file and you will find the line saying:
    ; Fullscreen mode
    FullScreen = 1
    7. Change FullScreen = 1 to FullScreen = 0
    8. Save file
    9. Launch game

    It won't run as a fullscreen program, but as a windowed program but does run fine.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dasa

    I have this problem:
    I have installed the game and when I run it starts normally but then while the intros are playing the game just crashes I don't know whats the problem…

  • Jonathan

    I can't even launch my game on my normal pc (it shows a windows problem window) . Im obligated to play on my laptop, which is like 1-year old, and it lags like hell 🙁

  • john

    im haveing mad problems w civ 5, graphix spikes, freezing, runs slower than mud, just problem after problem,…… have all the drivers, have 12 gigs of ddr3 ram , 2 512 vid cards, quad i7 pros……….and it still runs like crap, the only one of all my games that runs bad is civ 5………it is a poorly made game. i am not the only one haveing probs, lots of people are……they need to recall all the games, refund the money and go back to the drawing board. i am soooo disapointed.

  • Dave

    I have yet to get the game working on my setup.. I opted to download the demo to see how well it runs before purchasing and this is going to delay my purchase. I suggest for anyone having trouble running it to try turning off the steam interface while in game. I've had problems with a few things before and this fixed it. It didn't do anything for me with Civ 5, but who knows, it might help someone else.

  • Robbie

    garbled words make the game impossible with Directx 9 and the game will not start with Directx 10 and 11

    • Fifi

      try downloading the file d3dx11_42.dll and copying it to game folder worked for me to get direct x 11 working

      • Bobby

        what's that?

    • george

      i have the exact same problem

  • Lazerus

    You should not have to be connected to the internet or steam to be able to play a game on your computer. I find this most intrusive, and will not purchase any more games that require this type of setup. goodbye

    • Graham Jorgensen

      I agree.

  • Dacy

    Can't get my steam to load or work. PC net freezes. Any hints to get me started??

  • Garrett.Schlein

    Also seeing the freeze happen around 60-160 turns. Odd since I have a computer less than a year old fully updated and exceeding all min specs. Have yet to get a game to last longer than that.

  • Brock.Travis

    YES! Dell XPS laptop, not 2 years old. More than good enough to run the game. Drivers all updated. I had the game freeze on me a few times. The problem I have that I haven't seen anyone else report yet is graphical glitches around button and icons. They look all garbled. This is my first Steam game and I'm not impressed with the results. If the game worked as expected, it would be AWESOME.

    • ryan

      I have the same problem with the garbled words. idk how to fix it. I'm pretty dissapointed too.

    • jari

      I have the same problem on my PC

    • Sashikra

      I am having this exact same problem. Dell Inspiron 1525. Be nice if there were a fix.

    • BRIAN


    • greg

      I'm getting the same pixelated icons and twice my game has frozen on the same turn, once just playing and then again after reopening the match through an autosave. I've played other steam games before this and Ive play Civ4 but the technical issues and bugs in this game don't seem small enough to me for this game to be on the market now.